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Henk Welting
14th September 2010, 14:59
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Died on active service:
AC2 John A. GOODCHILD - 1869935;
AC2 Patrick F. LEDDY - 2205023 - age 30 (from Irish Republic), and
AC2 William LENDON - 1875834.

B - Not found in Flight Global:
AC1 Ronald J.A. HAYDEN - 1232604, and
Sgt (Pilot u/t) Dennis B. PELL - 955979.

C - Also looking for cause of death of:
F/Lt (Pilot) Dufferin W. WAKELING - RCAF J/5126 - Air Medal (US) - 14 (Canadian) Sqn., buried Fort Richardson, Alaska, USA.

D - Proposed aircraft losses:
Typhoon I - R8928 - 182 Sqn - bellylanded Manston.
Oxford I - LW778 - RAFC - crashed on take-off Cranwell South.

Regards and thanks for your help.

14th September 2010, 16:35
Hi Henk

AC2 John A. GOODCHILD - Bedford
AC2 Patrick F. LEDDY - Evesham, Worcestershire
AC2 William LENDON - Spilsby, Lincolnshire, CWGC shows his death as 16 Jun not 13 Jun.

B - Not found in Flight Global:
AC1 Ronald J.A. HAYDEN - Bromley, Kent
Sgt (Pilot u/t) Dennis B. PELL - Sleaford, Lincolnshire (LW778?)


Bill Walker
15th September 2010, 01:37
14 Squadron was at Amchitka, Alsaka on 13 June 1943, on operations against Kiska in preparation for the invasion that would take place in July 1943. I can't find any records of losses on that date.

15th September 2010, 09:00
WAKELING, Dufferin Wilfred, Flt. Lt. died in United States . Mrs . D. W. Wakelin g (wife), Vancouver .

RCAF 608th Casualty List - Globe and Mail 1943/06/23

15th September 2010, 11:55

Re: Typhoon I R8928:

No.182 Sqn.
Typhoon I R8928:XM-H

Tyre burst on take-off, landed wheels-up, Manston.

1169524 Sgt Douglas Henry CASTLE RAFVR (seemingly?) OK

No.182 Sqn.
Typhoon IB JP391:XM-G

Damaged/Destroyed? in landing accident, New Romney.

148001 P/O Douglas Henry CASTLE RAFVR (seemingly?) OK.

The Typhoon & Tempest Story.
Thomas,Chris & Christopher Shores.
London:Arms & Armour Press,1988.
A. p.197
B. P.199


Henk Welting
15th September 2010, 17:51
Thanks friends for all your help re the unaccounted airmen 13-6-1943.

8th May 2018, 18:52

AC2 John A. GOODCHILD - 1869935 - the Bedfordshire Times & Independent of June 18th 1943 reported the following:

Hundreds of people promenading on the Embankment on Sunday evening were witnesses of the death of one of two airmen who fell into the river from their boat. The airmen concerned were A/C2 John Arthur Goodchild and A/C2 Lewis, and the accident occurred when they were changing places in the boat opposite the junction of Albany Road and the Embankment.

AC2 William LENDON - 1875834 - the Skegness Standard of June 23rd 1943 reported that he was accidentally shot by another Aircraftman earlier in the month. He was admitted to hospital, but died on June 16th.

Sgt (Pilot u/t) Dennis B. PELL - 955979 - the Graves Registration Report Form gives his unit as 'R.A.F. College S.F.T.S.' linking him to Oxford LW778. Additionally, the Dover Express of June 25th 1943 reported the following:

Sergt. Dennis Pell, R.A.F., of Westgate, who has been killed flying, was a well-known mile runner who would have been in the Olympic team but for the war.

F/Lt (Pilot) Dufferin W. WAKELING - RCAF J/5126 - his R.C.A.F. records state that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at Fort Richardson, Alaska.



3rd June 2021, 18:02
Edgar Goldstraw Horridge 615245 , attached to RAF Takoradi, died in Number 37 General hospital, Accra, of injuries sustained in a road accident

10th December 2021, 10:33
Essu Murad 4370 , attached to Number 28 Company, was murdered on sentry duty at Ramat David by an unknown assailant using a Mauser automatic

14th December 2021, 14:14
Patrick Francis Leddy 220523 , attached to RAF Great Malvern, was admitted seriously ill to RAF hospital Evesham on 25 May where he died at 15:00 Hours of cerebro spinal meningitis

7th January 2022, 13:46
David John Jenkins 9230035 , attached to 180 Squadron, was killed when Mitchell II FL677 was shot down by flak during an attack on Flushing