View Full Version : Bratto, Italy 1934. Memorial Service. XHZ552

15th September 2010, 21:03
I read an artical in the Guardian Sat 29th May 2010 - My Travels: Roma Tearne in Tuscany. She came across a moving memorial service for 5 British airmen shot down there in 1943.
I have the details (thanks to the many of you who answered) of when/where.how etc, but had never heard anything about this yearly service. Can anyone help with further information re this memorial and a contact in or around Bratto? Many thanks

16th September 2010, 21:03
Hi dear,

the crash of Bratto is described in my next book, already accepted and currently "in press".

I would be pleased to give you more informations and assistance, if you need - if possible, by e-mail.
Thank you indeed,