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Alex Crawford
16th February 2008, 19:47

For a forthcoming project to be published soon I am looking for some photos. If anyone has or can point me in the right direction for photos of the following I would be very grateful.

Afghan Air Force Hawker Hinds, New Zealand Hinds and 4SFTS Audaxes as used during the Iraqi Revolt of May 1941.

If this post is inappropriate and against the forums rules, please delete it an accept my apologies.

Thanks in advance.


Errol Martyn
16th February 2008, 21:19

Have you checked with the RNZAF Museum and Matthew O'Sullivan of their photographic department?



16th February 2008, 22:28
Hi Alex
Have you tried the Flight Archive http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/index.html and under Archive on the main Flight website?
Since posting the "Flight" suggestion I have remembered that the Hawker biplane in the RAF Museum was brought from or gifted by the Afghan Government at around the time of the setting up of the museum, and originally displayed in Afghan markings. Perhaps the Museum have photos. And have you tried the RAF Historical Association?

Alex Crawford
17th February 2008, 15:55
Hi Errol, Dick

Thnaks for your replies. I'll look into them.