View Full Version : Use of Flt Sims in WW2 Aviation Research

17th February 2008, 14:25
I “fly” a Flight Simulator (MS FSX). I am not a qualified Pilot, and am no expert on the Flt Sim. I have, however, recently acquired a Lancaster Mk III program. It is very realistic, and has more “whistles & bells” than I have yet learned how to use!!
What set me off thinking about this was that on some audio-taped reminiscences of a WW2 Halifax AG, on a particular raid, he said (roughly) “at time (a) we were over position (x), at time (b) we were over position (y) and could see position (z)”. They could not have got from x to y in the time given – not unless the Halibag had afterburners! – and in any case z was too far away to be seen in the weather conditions quoted. You see the problems?
How many more examples like this exist? – and have gone into folklore (and even revered publications!!!)?
My questions are these:-
1 Is there any interest in re-“flying” some (or any) of the Bomber Command raids?
2 Are there any current Forumites who think the same way?
If anyone is interested (even to the extent of saying “too difficult” or “rubbish”!) then I would like to hear from them (by PM or email).
Ross has given his guarded approval for this thread. It is not my intention to set up a Flt Sim Fest – but to try to use it as a serious research tool. Obviously, those of us in the Met Section are interested in determining (or not!!) what effects the winds/weather may have had on operations. It may (rpt, may!) have some merit.
Let me know – in slow time - what any of you think.
Peter Davies