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Henk Welting
22nd September 2010, 17:31
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Died on active service:
LACW Kathleen M. BEARE - 450659 - buried Mudford Cem., Somerset - 13 Sqn (sqn.numbering doubtful as 13 Sqn at that time was based at Blida in Algeria);
LAC Geoffrey H. CARTER - 1483302;
Cpl Michael R. CASEY - 647560;
LAC Haydn R. CHARLES - 933339;
LAC Arthur J. HERBERT - 1441053 - age 39;
LAC George F. HOLLMAN - 1440226 - age 34 - 2739 Sqn;
AC2 Michael H. JUPE - 1866873 - 616 Sqn (Ibsley, Hampshire), and
LAC Joseph M. KELLY - MM - 1543552 - age 51.

B - Also looking for info on the death of:
Sgt (Pilot) Harry T. MOFFETT - 1525621, and
F/O (Pilot) David PATTEN - 119251,
both of 3 ADU (Ras el Ma, alt. Fez/Morocco) KOAS. and buried Enfidaville War Cem., Tunisia.

Regards and thanks for your help.

22nd September 2010, 19:33
Hi Henk
Kathleen Beare,21, registered at Bridgend, Glamorgan
Carter,21, registered at Penzance, Cornwall
Casey,25, registered at Ashford, Kent.Middle initial P on the register
Charles,34, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire
Herbert,39(on the register),registered atChichester. Hampshire
Jupe,18, registered at Christchurch, Hampshire
Found a Joseph Kelly(no middle initial)51, registered at Bradford,W Yorkshire
Hollman,34, registered at Kerrier, Cornwall

Henk Welting
23rd September 2010, 12:31
Thanks Dick, will amend my files.

7th May 2018, 12:39

LACW Kathleen Mabel BEARE - 450659 - the Western Gazette of July 2nd 1943 carried the following announcement:

BEARE - On June 20th, 1943, in Hospital at St. Athans [sic], South Wales, L.A.C.W. Kathleen M. Beare, eldest daughter of the late Mr. F. Beare and Mrs. Beare, of Mudford, Yeovil, aged 22.

LAC Geoffrey H. CARTER - 1483302 - the Cornishman newspaper of July 1st 1943 reported the following (edited for brevity):

The inquest, which was conducted by the County Coroner, Mr. Barrie Bennetts, was on L./A.C. Geoffrey Hardman Carter, R.A.F., whose death occurred at Sennen on Monday evening.
Cpl. Walter Horace Bean, R.A.F., said that at 7.10 on Monday evening he was with deceased and L.A.C. Ward on Sennen beach...they were sitting on the beach when a girl came up to them said that another girl, A.C./W.1 Wigglesworth, of the W.A.A.F., was in difficulties while bathing; all three of them had immediately gone in to her assistance; she was about fifty yards out. There was a fairly heavy sea running at the time.
He was first to reach the girl [and] managed to get A/C Wigglesworth to the shore, He did not see Carter after they had entered the water...he then heard deceased, who was about seventy yards out, shouting for help, and immediately went back to his assistance. Deceased was conscious when witness reached him, and was making feeble efforts to swim. Witness tried to pull him in, but they were taken out by the current.
About five minutes after reaching him, Carter lost consciousness, and some ten minutes after that a boat had arrived, into which deceased was taken. Efforts at artificial respiration were begun at once by one of the boatmen, and continued after deceased was landed...after about 20 minutes deceased was removed to the R.A.F. sick station [then] to the West Cornwall Hospital, with the small hope that...iron lung treatment might help.
[The Coroner recorded] a verdict of "Death by misadventure."

AC2 Michael H. JUPE - 1866873 - the Western Gazette of June 25th 1943 reported the following:

Misadventure was the verdict at an inquest at a South of England Aerodrome on Wednesay on Michael Horace Jupe, 18 years old son of a widow who lives in Bath Road, Sturminster Newton. Jupe, who joined the R.A.F. about five months ago, was burnt to death when a fire occurred in a paint store which he had been instructed to clean out, and which contained "dope," a highly inflammable paint. Witnesses were unable to account for the accident. It was stated that smoking was prohibited, and there was no evidence that deceased was carrying matches or a lighter.
Corporal Hunton said he accompanied Jupe to the store, a small brick building with two windows and a wooden floor, and saw him start cleaning. He left him and on going back saw tins of "dope" outside. An empty tin was being burnt out so it could be used again. The wind was blowing smoke and flames away from the other tins. Suddenly there was an explosion, the door of the store slammed and the building became full of flames. He could not open the door and broke a window and called to the deceased, but all he could hear was groans. A fire brigade extinguished the flames and when the Medical Officer arrived Jupe was found to be dead.



5th April 2021, 21:12
Haydn Rendal Charles 933339 , attached to RAF Talbenny, died in the Haverfordwest County Hospital of complications following an appendectomy

7th April 2021, 19:19
John Hobson Brocklehurst 1092731, an electrician grade 2 attached to HQ British Forces Aden, was admitted to RAF Hospital Aden where he died the same day at 19:30 hours of an intestinal obstruction

22nd April 2021, 13:00
Joseph Michael Kelly 1543552 , attached to RAF Fairwood Common, was killed in a road accident at Kittle Hill, Bishopston

6th June 2021, 19:56
John William Cannon 1233431

Reginald James Alfred Goodman 1172764

Were both killed when an unexploded anti personel bomb detonated

8th June 2021, 14:18
Glyndwr Jones 1013178 , died in Number 6 East African hospital of cereberal malaria

14th June 2021, 19:10
Kathleen Mabel Beare 450659 , a balloon rigger fabric worker attached to Number 13 Balloon centre, died in RAF Hospital St. Athan of miliary tuberculosis having been admitted with suspected meningitis on 10 June

28th August 2021, 12:27
Michael Ronald Casey 647560 , attached to RAF Hereford , was taken seriously ill on 11 May and was admitted to the station hospital where he was diagnosed with acute miliary tuberculosis of ths lungs. Transferred to the Grosvenor sanatorium at Ashford in Kent where he died

8th September 2021, 19:37
George Frederick Hollman 1440226 , was walking along a cliff path at White Heather, Cadgwith, Cornwall, when he collapsed and died of heart failure due to coronary atheroma

25th November 2021, 00:50
Norman Daniels 1678392 , was killed in a road accident being dead on arrival at Number 99 General hospital

21st June 2023, 17:49
Arthur James Herbert 1441053 | attached to RAF Thorney Island | was fatally injured in an airscrew accident at the airfield at 11:05 hours, dying in SSQ