View Full Version : 1937 Herndon Air Display - Bf 109s?

23rd September 2010, 19:09
I have read that three Bf 109s attended the 1937 Empire Air Display at RAF Herndon?

Does anyone know of a source for this? Which airplanes were there? How did they get there?

david isby

Dave Smith
24th September 2010, 16:37
You have a typo in there, David, should be RAF Hendon. Suggest you search the Flightglobal online archive. If it happened, I'm sure Flight magazine would have reported it. I had a quick look but didn't see anything.

24th September 2010, 17:07
There is a five page article in Fligth 1937 about EAD and mo mention of foreigners at all.

Start from here

I see that it is not just one air show but up to 53 air stations were open to the public and there were many accidents, trying to see where they are listed in Flight.

The pre show line up of events:
http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1937/1937%20-%201386.html?search=empire air day