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Henk Welting
26th September 2010, 16:18
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Died on active service:
LAC Alfred E. BRITAIN - 1200172 - age 32;
AC1 James HOPWOOD - 1549818 - buried Salford (Agecraft) Cem., Swinford & Pendlebury, Lancashire (listed by CWGC as 179 Sqn; numbering doubtful as 179 Sqn was based at Gibraltar);
ACW1 Violet O.W. McVITTIE - 461329, and
AC1 Albert RUSSELL - 1011753 - age 29.

B - Nor found in Flight Global:
Cpl Thomas C. EASTHAM - 862591.

C - Proposed aircraft losses:
Tiger Moth II - T7796 - RAF Eastleigh - crashed on landing Eastleigh.
Martinet I - HN956 - 289 Sqn - flew into ground 1¼ mile W of Turnhouse.

D - Also looking for info on the death of:
AC2 Robert COWANS - 1193854 - commemorated Runnymede Panel 171 but found listed in Casualty Communiqué 281 (Flight 16-9-1943) as DOAS. GRO lists him as "HM T.61" (Her majesty Tender 61 ??).

Regards and thanks for your help.

Henk Welting
26th September 2010, 16:57
Title of thread incorrect - should read 26th June 1943 !
Don't know how to amend.

26th September 2010, 18:05
Hi Henk

LAC Alfred E. BRITAIN - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
AC1 James HOPWOOD - Barnstaple, Devon
ACW1 Violet O.W. McVITTIE - Stafford, Staffordshire
AC1 Albert RUSSELL - Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.
Cpl Thomas C. EASTHAM - Southampton, Hampshire (T7796?)

AC2 Robert COWANS - HM Troopship 61?


Tim Bishop
26th September 2010, 18:51
Dear Henk,

Martinet HN956 was lost due to an unauthorised flight, Flying Officer LAWRENCE, Norman Anthony (88855) slightly injured.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


Henk Welting
27th September 2010, 10:01
Thanks Malcolm & Tim.

7th May 2018, 14:09

LAC Alfred E. BRITAIN - 1200172 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at Barnsley Hall Emergency Hospital, Bromsgrove. The Graves Registration Report Form lists his unit as 65 M.U.



15th April 2021, 11:58
Violet Olive Willis McVittie 461329 , an ACH Batwoman attached to 30 OTU, was killed in a level crossing accident when she was hit by a train at Hixon, her remains being taken to RAF Hixon mortuary

9th July 2021, 21:57
Frank Scott 965024 , died near Protville of asphyxia

5th November 2021, 19:33
Frank Scott 965024 , died near Protville of asphyxia in an off duty accident

13th December 2021, 15:51
Robert Cowans 1193854 , attached to Draft 7361 died on board HM Transport G1 of peritonitis and was buried at sea

30th December 2021, 23:01
Harold Chesworth 1517355 , attached to Number 308 ASU, was admitted dangerously ill to hospital on 23 June where he died at 11:15 hours of heat hyperexia

5th May 2022, 21:52
Alfred Edward Britain 1200172 was admitted seriously ill to RAF hospital, Bridgnorth on 3 February, and transferred to Barnsley Hall EMS hospital, Bromsgrove, with severe secondary heamorrhage following haemorrhoidectomy . It was discovered he had myelogenous leukaemia which proved fatal

12th October 2022, 23:21
Walter Alfred Northern 1465272, attached to Number 4 Hill Depot, died of a cerebral tumour

25th January 2023, 22:12
James Hopwood 1549818 , attached to 179 Squadron, died in SSQ at RAF Chivenor of heart faliure due to pneumonia

18th April 2023, 17:43
Albert Russell 1011753 | a medically discharged Airman at the time of his death, died in Stansfield sanatorium, Tunstall, Staffs, of pulmonary tuberculosis