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Laurent Rizzotti
16th October 2010, 17:24
Hi to all,

I have in my files two losses occuring in India on 4 June 1945 and would like some more details on both:

1) the Mustang IVA KM147 of TWDU (Tactical Weapons Development Unit) was damaged beyond repair when it crashed back on the runway at Amarda Road when his engine failed at 50 ft on take-off.

It seems to me that the pilot survived, but I would like confirmation of that (and if possible his name). A search of a RAF casualty in India this day returns only one name, AC2 Royce Percy St Ledger Grimes, who is buried in Calcutta, but with this low rank he was probably not a pilot.

2) Flg Off Khemendra Nath Kak DFC of 1 Sqn RIAF was killed when his Hurricane IIC crashed during a slow roll during an authorized aerobatic sortie.

I would like to know where this accident took place. All I know is that 1 RIAF Sqn was on the Burma front until March 1945 and then retired to Khorat, but I don't know if it was still there in June.

Thanks in advance


Henk Welting
17th October 2010, 17:11
Hurricane II.C LD414 of 1 RIAF sqn - control lost during aerobatics and hit ground, Miranshah.

Laurent Rizzotti
17th October 2010, 21:43
Thanks Henk

By the way I'm sorry, I had the serial and for one reason or the other forgot to add it to my query. Should have made things simpler...

Best regards