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Sometime in July 1926, LAC William Edward Parrish No. 342140 of 9 Sqn, whilst flying over the Manston aerodrome in a Avro 504K, found his controls jammed. He descended successfully by parachute, but the aircraft was wrecked.

Previously.. LAC Parrish was involved in a collision two Avro 504K's of No. 9 Squadron, Manston, on December 16 1925 in which No. 345286 L.A.C. Edward Emanuel Dunn aged 23,
the pilot of Avro 504K, E2914, was killed. In this case Parrish the pilot of Avro 504K, E3798,
was seriously injured and taken to Ramsgate Hospital with injuries to head and right ankle.

The Avro's were with No 9 Sqn for 'ab initio' training purposes..

I don't suppose anyone can ID the Avro and the correct date can they?



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Hi Paul,

Avro 504K F2332 - 23-7-1926

Parrish resumed training on the 19th May, 1926, but had another accident on the 23rd July (1926), due, it was later discovered, to the instructor's strap catching around the control column and causing a spin when the controls locked in a loop. He took to his parachute and landed in Margate; the aeroplane, in full view of the beach crowds, crashed into a field. Parachutes had just been issued but were not as a rule fully strapped for routine flying. Fortunately Parrish had his fastened and this subsequently altered the Squadron's attitude to the new equipment. Parrish visited Air Ministry to discuss his escape, since he was only the second person to use a parachute in an emergency in the R.A.F.

9 Squadron
pp.28 & 102


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