View Full Version : Sgt Davis, 56 Sqn Gauntlet 7 July 1937

Alex Crawford
1st November 2010, 19:30

On 7th July 1937 a 56 Sqn Gauntlet, K5298, burst into flames while on a flight near Snodland, Kent. The pilot was able to bale out.

On looking through The Times I found a couple of lines that stated Sgt Davis baled out of his aircraft after it caught fire. He was badly burned around the head and face. No aircraft type or Squadron is mentioned.

Can anyone confirm he was the pilot of the Gauntlet?



2nd November 2010, 08:58
ORB confirms Sgt H. Davis Gauntlet II K5298 on this date

Alex Crawford
2nd November 2010, 18:38
Hi Paul,

Thanks for confirming Sgt Davis as the pilot of the Gauntlet.