View Full Version : Convoy book describes the work of 120 Sqn in early April 1943

9th November 2010, 23:41
Crisis Convoy: The Story of HX-231
By Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Gretton
Peter Davies, London 1974

Lists the code letters of several 120 Sqn Liberators and details their efforts to provide air cover for this convoy in the first week of April 1943. Also touches on the efforts of 84 Sqn.

The book is a great read about the passage of one convoy and how the escort group successfully defended the 61 ships, losing only three from within the convoy. It describes how the Liberators were used in a defensive role and how they were effective in "keeping the Germans' heads down" even if they didn't spot the U-boats or attack them.

Several attacks are described with details of what happened to the U-boats.

Also describes some of the details of homing the a/c onto the convoy's position and how instructions were relayed from the command ship.