View Full Version : They Shall Grow Not Old

Pieter F
15th November 2010, 06:49
Does someone on this forum has got the following book:

Memorial Book: They Shall Grow Not Old

I am wondering if this book could provide me some new information on a few Canadian airmen.

Bill Walker
15th November 2010, 13:33
I'm afraid this book is full of typos and other errors. Henk Welting and others on this Forum have spent a lot of time finding and correcting the errors. If you publish your names here, you may get better information.

Pieter F
19th November 2010, 14:38
I was looking for the description of:
Stuart Laban Innes
William Melville Pipher

19th November 2010, 14:47
The basic details of the loss of these men that you have gotten on another forum,


save you been given same info again

have you ordered their service files from the Canadian archives yet?