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17th November 2010, 08:52
Don Clark has supplied with the following info on the most welcome publication of Vol 2 from David Vincent .

The RAAF Hudson Story Book 2


News just received from David Vincent in Adelaide: he expects The RAAF Hudson Story - Book Two to be ready for distribution in late December or early in the New Year.

Hardback, 424 pages, nearly 400 images. RRP $A 70.00

Ch One - Operations North Western Area (pp 11-152) Ch Two - Operations North Eastern Area (pp 153-244) Ch Three - Transports and Air Ambulances (pp 245-300) Ch Four - Post-war Sales and Civil Usage (pp 301-342)

Eight appendices, seven page bibliography, six page index of personnel.

The author's own website, soon to be launched, will have more details - keep an eye out for www.vincentaviationpublications.com.au

It's been a long haul since David's marvellous Book I appeared in 1999.
Readers who have that, or have seen it, will know what sort of depth to expect. And nearly 400 photos!

17th November 2010, 15:28
Great news, Ross. Volume One was a gem.

17th November 2010, 16:05
G'day Chaps

Anyone interested in No. 431 (B) Squadron may wish to purchase the following book.


"A Yorkshire Squadron"
The History of 431 R.C.A.F. Squadron & More
1942 - 1945

Address is as follows:

William Heron
100 Lancaster Drive, Unit 310, Welland, Ontario, L3C 6M1

Cost of the book is $40.00 CAN. + mailing.

Andy in West Oz
19th November 2010, 12:15
It looks even better - inside and out - than Book One. I've only seen several photos of the finished product and it looks magic.

David has a pre-publication offer on the go so email him on djvincentATchariot.net.au if you want to know the details. He may not respond straight away due to his workload but he will respond.

19th November 2010, 12:36
Ross are you on www.cfww2.com as I am sure they would be interested in this. If not do you want me to post the details on it...

Andy in West Oz
2nd April 2011, 13:57
After a few delays with shipping within site of the finish line, David has now had the books in his possession for about a fortnight. Some of you have probably already got your copy and have a hard time not drooling over it. It is superbly put together and loaded full of pics that I for one have not seen the majority of before. Lots of crew shots and very detailed captions. Looking forward to reading it cover-to-cover sometime this year.