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10th December 2010, 17:57
Have just seen the thread on digitising the Air 27 files at Kew, in which is mentioned the issue of the proposed car parking charges there too.

Coincidentally I popped in there for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, and asked the guy on the front desk what's happening about the introdction of the charging system since it was originally supposed to have started by now.

I was told that it has been delayed (again!) and is not now happening (he reckoned) until 'next April'! (New financial year?)

I wonder whether they are having problems with the implementation of a proper system. I have previously written to TNA saying I thought that the proposals were likely to be inefficient and unfair. As an example, by mid afternoon yesterday the car park was half empty. I previously asked TNA whether their new system would take into account for where people had pre-booked (ok) but then finish for the day and go home, say mid-afternoon. Will 'the system' recognise that those spaces had become vacant and available for someone else to use? From the answer I got I don't think it would. Thus any such vacated spaces will be 'blocked' when the pre-payer leaves, and won't be available for someone else to use. How helpful is that?!

So with luck they might even be considering some alternative system that will work properly and allow optimum use of the place.

Rant over. :-)


10th December 2010, 18:09
Hello Ian,

I agree with your comment. As a foreigner, I plan my visits to Kew (at least for the Channel tunnel), and also using the "bulk order" procedure, as I'll do next time. But I fully understand the Londoners or those living around, with a couple of unexpected "free hours" to spare for one reason or another, deciding to pop up at Kew to check a couple of files while they're around, and not getting access to the car park. And even more ironic if there are empty places.

I understand it would be an automatic system, reading your car registration plate (will they take into account the other countries system by the way, as our numbering is different ?). The system will compare your car number with the number you would have provided on pre-paying, then open the gate. So no staff people to open you if you are popping up for a couple of hours and there are places inside...


10th December 2010, 18:26
Hi Joss

No, the system as I understand it is to be 'Register and pay up beforehand or you won't get in'. So as I've said, no allowing for people who've finished and gone, to make use of those vacated spaces. And just one flat-rate fee for whatever time of day you go in.