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Henk Welting
11th December 2010, 15:10
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Not found in Flight Global:
Cpl Maurice CAWKWELL - 1072658 - buried Hull, Northern Cem., Kingston-upon-Hull, and
AC1 Georg W. LLOYD - 1149097.

B - Killed on active service:
Sgt (Nav) Henry H. PATRICK - 1556198.

C - Proposed aircraft losses:
Master I - T8776 - 7 (P)AFU - crashed in forced landing 1 mile S of Glinton, Peterborough.
Hotspur II - BT603 - 3 GTS - undershot landing at night Stoke Orchard.
Hotspur II - BT683 - 3 GOTU - undershot landing at night Stoke Orchard.
Mosquito II - DZ716 - 605 Sqn - crashed on landing Castle Camps.
Martinet I - HN862 - 1634 Flt - crashed in forced landing Muston, Yorkshire.

Regards and thanks for your help.

11th December 2010, 15:14
Hi Henk

Cpl Maurice CAWKWELL - 1072658 - Hull, Yorkshire
AC1 George W. LLOYD - 1149097 - Shardlow, Derbyshire
Sgt (Nav) Henry H. PATRICK - I have him in Wellington X, LN265 of N o 310 FTU


Henk Welting
11th December 2010, 15:59
Thanks Malcolm. Wellington LN265 is in my files, however PATRICK not listed by Chorley in his Vol. 8 on page 219 (other crew: Sgt D.C. JOEL - Sgt J. DRIVER - Sgt W.R. WOODING - Sgt C. ELVIDGE - Sgt O. HOLEY). Omitted by Chorley ? Could place of death registration link him to this accident ?

68 Sqn
11th December 2010, 16:39
Sorry. Does anyone know what happened July 7, 1943 in Castle Camps landing Mosquito DZ716?

Tim Bishop
11th December 2010, 17:03
Hello Henk,

For the record Martinet HN862 crashed in forced landing due to fuel starvation (faulty fuel gauge). Pilot Sgt NICHOL W. (1576794) uninjured.

Kind regards,


11th December 2010, 17:06

Mosquito Crash Log/Smith (p.8), records:

7.7.43 - 605 Sqn - DZ716

Stalled and crashed at Castle Camps, no injuries.


68 Sqn
11th December 2010, 18:51
Hi Col
Known crew Mosquito DZ716?
Pavel (68Sqn)

Henk Welting
13th December 2010, 13:31
Thanks Tim for info on Martinet HN862 and info on pilot.

15th December 2010, 11:35
Finally able to add something these July threads!

Sgt D.C. JOEL - Sgt J. DRIVER - - Sgt C. ELVIDGE - Sgt O. HOLEY Sgt W.R. WOODING - All are in Brixworth district, Northamptonshire (All Casualty list 287)

Wooding is spelled Wording on register index.

Henry H Patrick age 33 is registered in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Casualty list 279.

9th May 2018, 12:40

Cpl Maurice CAWKWELL - 1072658 - the Hull Daily Mail of July 15th 1943 reported that he committed suicide by gas poisoning. The article reports that the R.A.F. sent him home for his wife to look after. The Coroner commented: "the authorities should not have sent him home for his wife to look after him. He should have been put into a hospital or handed over to a civilian doctor. The R.A.F. authorities must accept responsibility for the loss of this man. The circumstances were most distressing and deserving of censure."

Sgt (Nav) Henry H. PATRICK - 1556198 - the Graves Registration Report Form lists his unit as 21 O.T.U. The Stirling Observer of July 22nd 1943 reported that he "died as the result of an aircraft accident."



9th May 2018, 13:11
Patrick was actually killed whilst flying in Wellington X, LN265 of No 310 FTU, which crashed near Dunston in Northamptonshire.


10th May 2018, 10:18
Thanks for the confirmation Malcolm.

I'm curious that his death appears* to be registered at Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, 33 miles as the crow flies from Duston, Northants. Do you know the circumstances of the loss of LN265?

*there is a 33 year old Henry H. Patrick registered there, September 1943 - of course it may not be him...



10th May 2018, 12:55
Hi Simon

My mistake I've included Patrick in LN265's crew instead of Holey.

21 OTU lost DV698 near Chipping Norton that day but Patrick wasn't listed in the crew in Chorley, but could he have been an extra member or have been involved in a separate incident?


10th May 2018, 13:21
No worries Malcolm - I just thought something wasn't quite right.

This link has Patrick on board DV698, but does not include 1208813 F. G. Howard, confusingly: