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Henk Welting
13th December 2010, 13:19
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Not found in Flight Global:
AC1 Lawrence R. BERESFORD - 1268585 - age 30.

B - Died on active service:
Cpl Edward A. CHAMBERLAIN - 1069840 - age 30;
AC2 Alan HARDY - 1777521, and
LACW Mary P. HILL - 429273.

C - Just in case Beresford might have been KOAS here some proposed aircraft losses:
Beaufighter I - T4647 - FIU - bellylanded at Ford.
Beaufighter I.F - R2188 - 51 OTU - crashed on take-off Cranfield.
Oxford I - X6856 - 3 FIS - landed on top of Master W8735, Castle Combe.

Regards and thanks for your help.

13th December 2010, 13:32

13th December 2010, 15:09
Beresford was registered at Willesden

Henk Welting
13th December 2010, 15:41
Thanks Al for info on BERESFORD; don't see a connection to one of the proposed a/c losses.

18th August 2016, 17:52
HARDY, Alan - the Western Daily News of July 14th 1943 reports:

Exeter Inquest – Exeter City Coroner (Mr. W. Rackwood Cocks) returned a verdict of “Death by misadventure” at the inquest of A.C.2 Alan Hardy, R.A.F, formerly of Alnwick, Northumberland, who died under an anaesthetic in the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital on July 8. “There is not the slightest suggestion that the anaesthetic was wrongly or badly given,” said Mr. Rackwood Cocks.



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6th July 2021, 18:21
Mary Patricia Hill 429273 , a Clerk /GD attached to Number 3 school of general reconnaissance was admitted to RAF Hospital Northallerton on 2 July where she died of a cereberal tumour

31st January 2022, 21:30
James Gordon Barr 1000553 and

Robert Taylor 1100386 and

Douglas Albert Tickner 1166584

All attached to 132 ASP, were all seriously Injured in an off duty road accident at Fondu Djedid on the Tunis to Grombali Road, in a collision between an RAF and an Army vehicle. Admitted to the Civil Hospital at Frotialis, they all died of their injuries the same day.

They did NOT die in Boston FA386 as stated in this database

5th March 2022, 19:15
Eric Vernon Frederick Weatherley 1172593 , was admitted to Number 48 General hospital within an hour of the flying accident with extensive burns of the legs, abdomen, chest , face, neck and arms in a very poor condition and despite plasma drips, died 6 hours after admission

26th April 2022, 21:14
Richard Hugh Richmond 1062122 , attached to Number 172 Wing was accidently shot and killed at Madras by another Airman in a mishap with a faulty sten gun

10th June 2022, 22:11
Cyril Frederick Harmsworth 1441240 , attached to Number 330 Wing, died at Kairouan West in an accidental bomb explosion

11th August 2022, 21:57
Frank Roland Gentle 1220189 , attached to 17 MU , was admitted dangerously ill to Number 24 MFH on 4 July, where he died of cereberal malaria

27th January 2023, 23:42
Edward Adlington Chamberlain 1069840 , attached to RAF Park Heaton, was admitted seriously ill to RAF Hospital Kirkham on 17 April. Transferred to St. George's Hospital in London he died at 06:55 Hours of lymphadenoma

31st August 2023, 13:40
Lawrence ( REYNOLDS ) Beresford 1268585 | a medically discharged Airman at the time of his death, died of astrocytoma