View Full Version : 430715 - Unaccounted airwoman and airman - 15-7-1943

Henk Welting
16th December 2010, 15:21
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Not found in Flight Global:
ACW2 Mary J. BROWNE - 214039 (from Irish Republic) - buried Stanorlar Cath. Cem. Co.Donegal).

B - Died on active service:
AC2 Thomas FLEMING - 2213022.

Regards and thanks for your help.

16th December 2010, 16:38
Hi Henk

Browne - not Enf/Wales so possibly Northern Ireland
Feming - Wirral, Cheshire


Henk Welting
17th December 2010, 16:54
Thanks Malcolm. Will wait for Dennis Burke, perhaps he may have some info on BROWNE.

16th March 2021, 10:27
UPGRADE to Robert Daniel Duffie R 102819, he died in the Christie Street hospital,Toronto, of a brain tumour

5th May 2021, 21:29
Henry Roy Astill 1737120 , attached to Number 502 MSU , was killed in an air raid at 09:15 hours

7th July 2021, 08:50
Mary Jospehine Browne 214039 , a medically Discharged Airwoman, died in Harold's Cross Hospice, Dublin of phithisis and heart faliure

15th March 2022, 19:26
James Frederick Beken 1711748 , attached to Number 1 SFTS, died in the British military hospital Ambala , of typhoid fever

22nd July 2022, 17:07
Cyril James Sheppard 1275297 , attached to the British Airways Repair Unit ME at RAF Heliopolis, died between 01:00 Hours and 06:00 Hours near Barrack block 103 of a suicidal broken neck

26th January 2023, 22:35
Ronald Ernest Gillard 942233 , was admitted seriously ill to the Combined Military hospital at Jamshedpur on 14 July, becoming dangerously ill on 14 July, dying of malaria

29th January 2023, 20:33
Thomas Fleming 2213022 , attached to RAF West Kirby, died in the station hospital of a coronary thrombosis