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Henk Welting
16th December 2010, 15:25
What were the places of death registration for:

LACW Kathleen E. COOPER - 2080759 - 906 (Balloon) Sqn (Kensington Palace Gardens, London-SW8), and
AC2 Henry D. MELHUISH - 1637251 - age 42 - 86 Sqn (Algrove, Co.Antrim),
whose names I could not find in Flight Global.

Regards and thanks,

16th December 2010, 16:40
Hi Henk

LACW Kathleen E. COOPER - 2080759 - Kensington, London
AC2 Henry D. MELHUISH - ther eaisa 39 year old listed in Hammersmith, London


Henk Welting
17th December 2010, 16:56
Thanks again Malcolm.

10th May 2018, 11:35

LACW Kathleen Elsie COOPER - 2080759 - the Nottingham Journal of July 19th 1943 reported the following:

Well Known Nottm. W.A.A.F. Girl
After an illness of three months, the death has occurred in St. Mary Abbott's Hosptial, Kensington, London, of L.A.C.W. Kathleen Cooper, at the age of 20.
The deceased, who was well-known in Nottingham, was the younger daughter of Mrs. Frances and the late Mr. P. G. Cooper, of 4, Springfield Road, Hucknall, and was employed by J. B. Lewis, Haydn Road, Nottingham, and for a short time by Messrs. Boots.
Miss Cooper volunteered at 18 years of age, and was in the balloon barrage, stationed in London.

AC2 Henry D. MELHUISH - 1637251 - the West London Observer of July 23rd 1943 reported the following:

Takes Poison in Front of Wife - Frequent Quarrels Whilst on Leave
Evidence that while her husband was home on 18 days' leave they had quarrelled nearly every day was given by the wife of an aircraftman, at a Hammersmith inquest yesterday (Thursday) on Henry Douglas Melhuish, age 39, an aircraftman, of Latimer Road, Kensington, who died through swallowing a
Giving evidence, Mrs. Olive Melhuish, the widow, said that they had been married ten years and had two children. Her husband came home on 18 days' leave and they had quarrelled nearly every day. On the Wednesday before his death he threatened to take his life, and she also threatened to take her life.



27th May 2021, 15:38
Albert Victor Allen 1207356 ,

Arthur Henry Bishop 1666924 ,

Attached to Number 60 Embarkation Unit , both died in an explosion at Quai Feddalah, Algiers, when the Norwegian freighter Bjorkhaug carrying 1800 salvaged Germans mines exploded with great loss of life

29th April 2022, 20:23
Geoffrey Nigel Yeoman 119516 , attached to 225 Group , died of peritonitis and an internal obstruction following an appendectomy

11th August 2022, 21:54
Herbert Victor Sidney Brown 1166939 , attached to 221 AMES, accidently drowned at Apollonia at 19:00 Hours