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Henk Welting
16th December 2010, 15:40
What were the places of death registration for:

A - Died on active service:
Cpl Peter D. MacV. HENDERSON - 1015722;
AC1 David HUNTER - 1023300;
Sgt Jack T. O'CONNELL - 337124, and
AC1 Edward WATSON - 1490237.

B - Not found in Flight Global:
Sgt (Pilot) Leonard A. PENFOLD - 1334860.

C - Also looking for info on a (probably) missing RAF aircraft with as a passenger:
Surgeon Lieutenant John H. WAINWRIGHT - Royal Navy "HMS Cormorant" - his name commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 80 Column 2. He went missing "on passage RAF aircraft".

D - Proposed aircraft/glider losses on UK territory:
Horsa I glider - DP304 - HGCU - crashed on take-off Brize Norton.
Hotspur II glider - HH264 - 3 GTS - undershot landing at Stoke Orchard.
Master II - DM132 - 17 SFTS - flew into ground 1 mile NE of Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire (already as a casualty on this aircraft: 2/Lt Saim PARLAK - Turkish Air Force).
Oxford I - LX284 - 14 (P)AFU - dived into ground mile W of Innes House, near Elgin, Morayshire.

Regards and thanks for your help.

16th December 2010, 16:49
Hi Henk

Cpl Peter D. MacV. HENDERSON - 1015722 - Oxford
AC1 David HUNTER - 1023300 - not Eng/Wales
Sgt John T. O'CONNELL - 337124 - Btristol (aged 43)
AC1 Edward WATSON - 1490237 - Downham Market, Norfolk
Sgt (Pilot) Leonard A. PENFOLD - not Eng/Wales


16th December 2010, 17:26
Also from HMS Commorant Nursing Sister Eliza J MEHAFFEY, listed only as killed but also on the Portsmouth memorial.

Cormorant II was Gibralter Air station whereas Cormorant was an Osprey-class composite screw sloop launched in 1877, reduced to harbour service in 1889, renamed HMS Rooke in 1946, and broken up in 1949. I guess they mean Gibrarlter in this case?

What RAF are on Alamein or ME memorials for this date?

16th December 2010, 17:45
How about 53 Sqn Liberator BZ731, see it mentioned variously as shot down in the bay Of Biscay?



not sure why I'm suggesting that aircraft, could it be enroute to Gibralter? Did 53 Sqn stage missions through there? There are other Runnymede casulaties this date.

16th December 2010, 22:12
Hi Henk,
I can have Sgt. L.A Penfold as being killed on Oxford LX284 on 18-7-43. He is buried at Hove Old Cemetery in Sussex.


17th December 2010, 01:15
I also have Penfold on LX284, the ORB for 14 (P)AFU is none existent for this period but it was mentioned in the No.20 OTU ORB.

"Oxford aircraft from Dalachy crashed near Innes House (4 miles from Lossiemouth). Pilot, Sgt Penfold killed."

17th December 2010, 09:46

No.204 Sqn.
Sunderland III JM687

Missing UK-Gibraltar. Shot down by Oblt Gustav CHRISTNER and Lt Lothar WOLFF, of 15./KG40, PQ 14W/0555, 1314hrs. (Lt Knud GMELIN, 13./KG40 involved).

42056 F/Lt (Capt./Pilot) Anthony Horace Neave GOOCH MiD RAF +
1316486 Sgt (Pilot) David Gareth GRIFFITHS RAFVR +
J/17131 P/O (Nav.) Douglas Cecil RUNDLE RCAF +
628949 Sgt (Flt. Eng.) Alfred John TOZER RAF +
1119282 F/Sgt (W.Op.) Ernest Alderson DUTTON RAFVR +
1109435 F/Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) James GREENWOOD RAFVR +
1528492 Sgt (FME/Air Gnr.) Alfred THOMPSON RAFVR +
1190388 F/Sgt (WOM/Air Gnr.) Albert Horace LOOMS RAFVR +
147229 P/O (Air Gnr.) Robert Jennings QUINN RAFVR +

All commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial

P/MX 125167 C.M.M.4c Leonard F. BALLARD RN (HMS Hornet) +
Surg. Lt. John Hilditch WAINWRIGHT RNVR (HMS Cormorant) +
P/MX 501468 L.M.M.4c Arthur John Willam QUY RN (HMS Hornet) +
P/MX 116826 C.M.M. Victor BARDSLEY RN (HMS Hornet) +
Nursing Sister Eliza Jane MEHAFFEY QARNNSR (HMS Cormorant) +

Ballard, Wainwright, Quy and Bardsley commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial. Sister Mehaffey commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial.

HMS Cormorant II - North Front (Gibraltar).
HMS Hornet - Coastal Forces Base, Gosport.


17th December 2010, 14:42

AC1 David HUNTER - 1023300 District of St. Andrews, City of Edinburgh
Sgt (Pilot) Leonard Abbott PENFOLD aged 20 Urquhart, County of Moray. Urquhart is about 2 miles East of Elgin. The CWGC has Sgt. Penfold's middle name as Assott.


Henk Welting
17th December 2010, 17:44
Thanks friends for all this excellent responses to my thread for the 18th July 1943.
Yes Col, I had all the crew of Sunderland JM687 but none of its passengers, also missing the trades of the crew.
Best regards from a white covered Netherlands.

10th May 2018, 11:51

AC1 David HUNTER - 1023300 - The Scotsman of July 20th 1943 carried the following announcement:

HUNTER - at a nursing home, EDINBURGH, suddenly, on 18th July 1943, DAVID HUNTER, Wireless Operator, R.A.F., aged 29 years, of Blackness, Dundee, and Macbie Hill, Peeblesshire, only beloved son of the late David Hunter and of Mrs. Hunter, Viewlands, Essex Road, Barnton.



21st June 2021, 16:10
William Henry Andrew 1043782 , was killed in an MT accident 7.5 miles East of Kairquan

14th July 2021, 20:12
John Thomas O'Connell 337124 , attached to RAF Uxbridge , died in Ham Green hospital, Bristol of malaria

25th February 2022, 21:08
Henry Arthur Stone 1431750 , attached to 315 MU , was admitted seriously ill to the British military hospital, Bombay, on 11 July, where he died of enchapalitis

10th June 2022, 22:12
Lionel Guy Liversage 1030762 , attached to Number 326 Wing, died as the result of an accidental gun shot wound

2nd September 2022, 16:31
Peter Donald Mcvean Henderson 1015722 , attached to Number 1 (P) AFU, suffered a heart attack and was dead on arrival at Number 81 General hospital, High Street, Oxford

7th September 2022, 12:04
1490237 Aircraftman 1st Class Edward WATSON

According to a report in the Lynn Advertiser on 23 July 1943, AC1 Watson went missing while bathing in the River Wissey near Hilgay in Norfolk on July 18. He is presumed to have drowned.

20th September 2022, 23:29
Robert Ramsay McKelvie 112359 , attached to 151 OTU, died off duty of a self inflicted gun shot wound

19th July 2023, 16:23
William Henry Gent 1104569 | died in Number 39 Indian General hospital at Mindapore, of bacilliary dysentery