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1st January 2011, 09:56
On 10th April 1945 in the Chiringa region of Burma, a 27 Squadron rocket firing Beaufighter flown by the CO, Wg. Cdr. Terrence Patrick Armstrong BRADLEY, crashed killing the pilot. The navigator - Pilot Officer G.C. Holmes (from 'The Flying Elephants' by Chaz Bowyer) cannot be found in the GWGC records so uncertain as to his fate. 27 Sqn was part of No.907 anti-shipping/jungle rescue strike Wing, SEAC and Bradley had only been with the squadron for just a few weeks. Earlier he had been with 76 Squadron in Yorkshire as 'A' Flight Commander.

Can anyone provide me with further details of this incident? I've reached a dead end. Thank you

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1st January 2011, 10:25
Hello Norman,

Your P/O G C HOLMES, is actually:

165061 F/O (Nav./W.Op.) Carlton Curtis HOLMES RAFVR.

Buried Chittagong War Cemetery. 5. A. 6. ( next to W/C Bradley, who is in 5. A. 7.)

The new Commanding Officer was Wing Commander T.P.A. Bradley, DSO,DFC, but within two weeks of his joining the squadron he and his navigator, Pilot Officer Holmes, were killed when their aircraft hit a vulture, more commonly called a shite hawk, when coming in to land. The vultures were a real menace around aerodromes where they congregated for food scraps - I (the author), hit one with the leading edge of my wing over Agartala in 1943 which meant a new wing had to be fitted. The replacement Commanding Officer was Lieutenant E.T. Strever, DFC, of the South African Air Force.

Beaufighters Over Burma:No.27 Squadron,RAF,1942-45.
Innes,Davd J.
Poole:Blandford Press,1985.

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1st January 2011, 11:50
Thank you Col,

I popped out then upon return was about to post a request for the cause when I saw your kind posting had magicaly expanded. Thank you very much, the case is now complete! The Cap is fine and well and says thanks for the memory!


3rd January 2011, 00:05
Hello Col,

Please could you tell me if there are photographs in the book, 'Beaufighters over Burma' by D.Innes and if so, are there any of Bradley? I have ordered the book through our local library but as usual, impatient! Thank you.


3rd January 2011, 00:22

There are plenty of photographs in the book, unfortunately, none depict Bradley.