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24th February 2008, 20:42
Many of you have very kindly assisted me in the past in all aspects of my research into 1 Group, but particularly 100 Squadron.

One area of my 100 Squadron records that has always been rather lacking in "gen" has been the squadron's history during the fall of Singapore, as many of the records from that period were destroyed as the Japanese invasion progressed. In particular, the final fates of men from the squadron have often been shrouded in mystery, and several of you here have often been able to fill in some of the gaps for me. My research into the fates of those men from 100 who didn't survive either the initial invasion, or their time at the hands of the Japanese, is now almost completed, and i would like to take this opportunity to thank all those of you who have helped in one way or another. If anyone would like a copy of the section of my roll of honour that deals with this period in the squadron's history, please be sure to email me or message me here and i'd be glad to oblige.

As an aside, the other day, whilst doing some final cross-referencing, i came across an excellent website detailing, camp by camp, the 3500 men who died while in Japanese captivity. I don't doubt that some of you will know about it already, but for those of you who don't, you can find it here: -


Thanks again to all who have helped me with this period of 100 Squadron's history, i owe you all beer, as always!! :)



24th February 2008, 20:50
Hi Greg

I'll certainly keep you to that - a pint of Welsh whisky will do me fine. Thanks!

What are you hoping to do - publish?


24th February 2008, 21:07
Hi Greg

I'll certainly keep you to that - a pint of Welsh whisky will do me fine. Thanks!

What are you hoping to do - publish?


Thanks Brian - you'll be after some of that Penderyn then??! I salute your taste, but being part of the Taffia i would say that i guess!! Of course, we're on a roll at the moment, 3 wins from 3 in the rugby and a Triple Crown there for the taking so long as we don't lose our heads at Croke Park....

Your excellent book provided some good information for the Roll, for which i thank you. When i write the chronological history of the period to compliment the Roll of Honour, i may see if there's some interest from Publishers, but i'm aware that it's a very specialist subject, which might put off a good many prospective publishers. When i'm closer to finishing the chronological history, perhaps i'll pop over with a bottle of our finest Penderyn and seek your advice?! :)

Thanks again Brian, best wishes as always



Alex Smart
20th September 2021, 03:12
Sadly the link that Greg provided does no longer seem to work, anyone have an updated address ?

22nd September 2021, 16:44

can be accessed via web archive: web.archive.org - may be worth someone's time going and getting the names I looked at 2005 entry

Don Clark
22nd September 2021, 22:58
That's interesting Paul...

For those looking further, the last viable Internet Archive take for POW Research Network Japan was that for July 2006
https://web.archive.org/web/20060705005211/http://homepage3.nifty.com/pow-j/e/list/bycamp.htm (or possibly May 2008).

Thereafter, later site takes appear to have been overridden by dubious trash Nifty copies, perhaps fortunately only in Japanese chars.

Again fortunately, as the 2006 take gives the site's English name, a Search Engine check on POW Research Network Japan finds that the site does still exist and is maintained.
And thanks to the Japanese compilers, in both Japanese and English forms:

Home page

Camp lists index
Deaths by Camp

The site, in dual languages, is a very considerable contribution to recording a very difficult subject.

Among the numerous good FEPoW sites, one near parallel is the deeply intricate
Center for Research: Allied PoWs Under the Japanese site at
started by the late Roger Mansell and still maintained by friends/colleagues

Another being the COFEPOW site https://www.cofepow.org.uk/ with its useful databases.

all good wishes