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  1. Hi Dakota an RCAF document query I am helping a family of a former regular RAF man (enlisted in March 1938 as ACH/GD and went to Balloon Command as a Balloon Operator) - 1943 and he moves to aircrew as a gunner (eventually completes 41 ops), but he is issued with an RCAF document (haven't been provided with a copy of the cover, but it is an R96) at first, then an RAF one later. The page I have been sent is his certificate of qualification at No. 1 AGS Pembrey on RCAF document R96 (with the RAF equivalent number under that). His complete RAF record that I have seen up until commissioning was solely in the UK - and his bomber command service appears to have been totally with 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron, so nothing abroad at all. If you can drop me a line on allan(dot)hillman(at)btinternet(dot)com I will provide you with jpegs of what I hold. But so far with the information provided I can find no reason for an RCAF document to be issued - or perhaps you know different!! cheers Allan
  2. Hi Chris - looks like you have another case of spam just arrived a few mins ago. I have also advised Ross.


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