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  1. Dennis
    I saw your name on a thread about my father Sqn Ldr Lionel Cohen, who landed a Hudson out of fuel on a beach in Donegal on 5 May 1942. I've only joined this site today, to research his death two months later while commanding No 150 Sqn, shot down with his crew over Pas-de-Calais on the way back from Saarbrucken on the night of 29/30 July 42. I'd like to contact those who like you were posting about him in 2007, as one of them was I believe related to his Wop/AG.

    Being new to the site I'm not sure how you get to contact me back, but you could email me if you like on

    I've also tried to contact Hugh Halliday who like you came up on my Google serch which let me to RAFCommands. Incidentally I'm ex-RAF myself, with 2 tours each on Hunters and Harriers.

    Best wishes

    Mike Shaw
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