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  1. Hello Jerry
    F/Sgt Ian Godbolt, with your input and Martyns help I have come to the conclusion he was not all he claimed. He joined 276 sqn around 17-10-43. The last referance to him on 276 sqn was on 19-7-44. Again I have not found where he went after this date, but the Canadian newspaper obituary says he left the service in 1947. It also says he emigrated to Canada in 1953. The problem is another article on him with photo says he was a Bob Spitfire pilot and a S/L. Now I have checked the LG and can find nothing for Ian Godbolt or Ian John Armour Godbolt which leaves doubt that he was commissioned.
    I wonder if you could make some discreet inquires about his service please.
    If you wish to contact me off board I am at
    Best wishes and thanks, Roy Nixon
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