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  1. Hi Brian
    Your inbox is full.
    It's been quite a while since I was active online. I met someone which took a fair bit of my time, especially as she lived in the US. It became srious enough that we got married and I have moved to the States.
    As you can imagine, something like that takes a lot o time and effort, especially sorting out paperwork. I'll have been here 5 years soon. Took a coupl of years to get my Green Card.

    Unfortunately, I then got diagnosed with Stage IV Colon canveer, that had spread to my liver and bones. It's been a tough 2 1/2 years, very touch and go but I'm on experimental immunotherapy now and that looks like t is working.
    Even though I kept up with my reading I didn't have the energy to participate online.
    I hope all is well with you. Are you working on anything new? Any hints? In the last 2-3 years I've really become interested in the interwar period, especially colonial policing in the ME/colonies & the work of the RAF Armoured Car Companies.

  2. Hi Amrit
    I join the other members - I do hope that you are fit and well.
    Brian Cull
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