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  1. Greg

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - house decorating taking my time at the moment :-)

    I would appreciate any information you have on WAC Yates - and any of his crew if you have it. Did you have any particular interest in the crew? If I remember correctly if was just the pilot you were querying? I was in touch with the author of a book that mentioned the loss of his Stirling on the night of 29th May 1944 and have little information from that if of interest

    I would like to get as much information on the crew so that I can put it together with the photograph of my grandfather.
  2. Greg

    Did you get all the information on WAC Yates from a post of April 2007 on the old forum? I visited the grave a few years ago as he was my grandfather's pilot. I do have some information on the aircraft and crash.


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