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  1. Peter
    Thanks for yours.My email is .I'd love some photos ! My interest in 460 RAAF is that I'm finding RAF crew relatives for the organiser of a memorial, [who lives in Australia & is a nephew of the co-pilot ] in Denmark for Lancaster EE138 which was shot down Sept 1943 .We have now found relatives of all the crew relatives plus a cousin of another crashed Lanc's crew member.It crashed nearby .
    Thank you
  2. Hi Anne,

    I last contacted you regarding my uncle who flew with 178 sqn.......
    We were travelling through Lincolnshire a couple of weeks ago, and we passed through the village of Binbrook. My late Dad completed his Bomber Command service there with 101 Squadron. There is a beautifully kept memorial there to the personnel of 460 Sqn RAAF. Do you have any connections with that Squadron? If so, please let me have your e-mail address and I will send you a couple of pics that I took of the memorial.


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