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  1. Hello Graham, thanks for your message regarding Blenheim L8675. I can confirm that the aircraft did crash near Crudgington in Shropshire rather than in Notts. It came down next to the sugarbeet factory at Allscott killing both crew. At the time 68 Squadron was operating from RAF High Ercall nearby and it is believed that the pilot was flying near his home.

    This has now been confirmed with an eye witness, the squadron ORB and the fact that both occupants deaths are registered at Wellington in Shropshire.

    I hope you managed to find the right aircraft!

    Best wishes, Tom
  2. Dear Tom
    Have just joined after picking up the exchanges you had in 2006 about Bristol Blenheim L8675. I am a member of our local history group in Bunny Notts and have been researching an aircrash in WWW11. The locals remember a twin engined aircraft circling the village twice with engine trouble and then crashing near what is known as the Bunny Decoy killing both crew. Local experst came up with the Blenheim which as you know was recorded as crashing 1.5 miles south of Ruddington , which fits the Bunny Decoy site. I traced the crew via Peter Crofts history of 68 Squadron, but then came across
    your exchanges. Did you confirm that the Blenheim did in fact crash near Crudington not Ruddington. We were intending to erect a memorial, but clearly we need to get the right aircraft and crew. Understand that the ref to Ruddington is in the AIR Britain series.
    Would be grateful for any further info.


    Graham Norbury
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