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  1. Hi Hugh, My name is Kate Harling. My father was one of the pilots on Flight 9202 that crashed just outside of Halle, Germany on 11/4/45 while carrying penicillin into Poland. I am very grateful & pleased to find the web site. You sound like someone who has done alot of research on this. I have been wanting to find the coordinates to the crash site. I've been thinking that, before I get any older, I'd like to visit the crash site, hopefully with my two sons. I saw on the thread that Henk Welting posted what I assumed were coordinates. I would appreciate any more information that you can offer. I live in California, the San Francisco Bay Area, but I am often in Toronto where two of my sons live, as well as Calgary and Vancouver, where one of my daughters live.

    Would very much appreciate hearing back from you…


    Kate Harling
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