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  1. Hugh,I recently joined the forum and noticed that you had available a number of citations.Although my main interest is in Airborne Forces, my interest has extended to the air crew connected to Airborne Forces.I am, trying, to obtain as many of the medal citations for all Airborne personnel, which now incorporates those members of the RAF, RAFVR, WAAF etc.Could I impose on you to supply details of any citations you have for 28 men/women who I have noted from your posts.There are:7 from the Non Flying Awards 13/06/1946,13 from the Awards Sept 1943 to Jan 1944 and 8 from the Awards 01/01/1946.If you are able to assist I will forward the details in three seperate messages, just so it is easier for me to put them in some semblance of order!I am at this time merely trying to collate all the citations but if I ever get round to putting all of them in one place I will of course acknowledge all help provided.
    Andy Baker
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