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  1. Hello John!
    Sorry to butt in on your conversation with Richard but I am hoping you can help me. Do the Elvington Collections contain any photos or material from 102 Sqn for the period June 1944? My uncle, Sgt Derrick Sykes, was Flight Engineer on S/Ldr Guy Treasure's crew in that period; they were all killed on Sun 25 June 1944 when their Halifax MZ753 was bombed from above (by a 10 Sqn aircraft) while on their bomb run on a V1 site in Pas de Calais; a second Halifax (LL549 - 77 Sqn - RAF Full Sutton) was also brought down by this accident and the crew are buried alongside Derrick's in Fontaine l'Etalons churchyard. I have been researching Derrick's life and RAF service for the past 5 years and am in search of ANY documentary or photographic material pertaining to him or his crew. I visited Elvington in 2007 while attending a 102 Sqn reunion, but did not have enough time to research the collections; I have the RAF Elvington & RAF Pocklington War Diaries too)
    With many thanks
    Melanie Herman
    (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)
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