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  1. Hi John

    Daz Sheerin has reccomended that I contact you re 78 Sqn and any info you may have stored at Elvington that previously belonged to the late John Erricker. I would be very interested to learn more of what is available . . . ?

    Also FYI, I am the organiser of Exercise Halifax Shadow - the 78 Sqn Memorial Weekend in June this year - which begins at at Elvington! If you are not already aware, 120 "ish" veterans and families/relatives of those KIA from WWII/Suez/Aden/Falklands will be at YAM 1000 - 1430 on 5/6/10 along with 30 serving personnel from the current 78 Sqn arriving both by road and air with one (possibly two) Merlin(s) from sunny Benson - albeit we are detached to Linton for the weekend . . .

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    Thanks for you co-operation

    Tony H

    SNCO i/c 78 Sqn Operations
    RAF Benson
    OX10 6AA
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