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  1. Good evening Theo
    I have nearly completed writing a history on my Uncles life. He was an RNZAF pilot that joined 199 Squadron at Lackenheath. He flew 17 missions before being shot down and killed. The only part that I do not have any information on is the night fighter that shot down his Stirling. I have searched all the Luftwaffe sites I can find, without any success. My Uncles aircraft was a Stirling Mk 111 EE957-Q. It was shot down on the night of 3/4 March 1944, while dropping supplies to the French Resistance. He was initially attacked by an ME110, but fought it off. It was fatally attacked shortly afterwards, at 2330 hrs, by a Dornier 217. The bomber crashed between Is-sur-Tille and Gemeaux, two villages about 20 kilometres north-north-east of Dijon.
    I would reallyu appreciate any information you could provide on the Luftwaffe pilot involved.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Pat O'Connor
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