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  1. Hello!
    My name is Gregory and I live in Poland.
    I would like to ask you to let me benefit from your vast knowledge about German Nacht Jagdwaffe. I am about to write a short article to one of polish military magazines about a loss of one of polish Lancasters from 300 Sqn. This particular aircraft PA163 BH-M was missing from a mission to Stettin on the night 29/30 August 1944. It was lost on its way towards the target, over Jutland area. In your book "Nacht Jagdwaffe War Diaries" you suggested that it could be the first victory of Ofw Schmitz from 3./NJG7. The polish bomber crashed into the Lovns Bredning, W of Alestrup. The whole crew died except the pilot who managed to bale out.
    Some polish sources claim ,that shortly befor this combat, polish bomber was unsuccessfully attacked by another two-engined german fighter. Polish airgunners managed to shot down the attacker before being attacked by another aircraft piloted by Ofw Schmitz, who was successfull and finally shot this aircraft down.
    There is also the version that while being attacked for the second time, airgunners managed to open return fire and damaged the attacker`s aircraft. However they soon crashed on the ground, the german night fighter was badly damaged and also crashed during landing. The german crew was also believed to be heavily injured. The whole story is extremely interesting as the only survivor managed to evade capture and escaped to England via Sweden. Moreover almost 40 years after the war the efforts of other members of this crew were distinguished and they were posthumously ordered with the highest polish war decorations - Virtuti Militari in 1980.

    I would like to verify some details of this story and this is why I would like to ask you if you were so kind to give me more information on that combat?
    My questions are:
    Were there any German nightfighters losses in Denmark area during that raid?
    Is it possible that Ofw Schmitz and his crew may have sustained any damage during that combat and finally crashed during landing?
    If so, were they injured?
    Was Ofw Schmitz in active service after that combat?
    Is there any official report for that combat?

    I would appreciate any help for you in that matter,
    With kind regards,

    If you were so kind to help me, please use my e-mail address:

    My question is tha
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