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  1. Hello Phil - I've been researching the collision of 2 typhoon 1b's from 137 Sqn (Manston) over Selsted/Wootton, Kent in July 1944 (mentioned in your book). I am writing for a local history publication about it. I have lots of information about the Canadian pilot (Flt Off. Ralph Johnstone) who died in his aircraft, but because of British embargo rules, nothing on the other pilot (Flt Sgt Arthur Hack) who bailed from his aircraft in the 5 seconds from collision to ground impact in fog and was picked up on the A2 by a furniture van who took him to Canterbury Hospital, but died on the way (local testimony). The hospital records are embargoed until 2045. I have the WGC image of his grave. The most obvious problem is proving who was flying which aircraft and which pilot (or if) bailed out. Can you help with any background on Hack who only appears in the ORB on the day of the accident? Do you have any 137 squadron group images from the time that may feature Johnstone or Hack?
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