Hello Peter , I have a photo of BG872 with my grandfather standing next to it sometime around March to August 1942 at China Bay.

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Can anyone help identifying which (if any) of the following eleven Hurricanes were flown off by HMS Indomitable on 6-7 March 1942:
BE242, BG689, BG692, BG819, BG870, BG872, BG916, BG936, BG937, BM901 and BM918.

I have been researching (on and off) the Hurricanes of the so-called emergency allocations of December 1941 for Singapore, Burma and Ceylon mostly through research at then PRO, Kew and at AHB RAF and by exchanging data with others. More recently I have been trying to line up the 60 Hurricanes ferried by Indomitable for Ceylon. I'm aware of the 2011 discussions on this forum which I have followed with great interest but no more than that being too busy writing a book at the time.

Help is appreciated.

Peter Boer