This is the edited text of a recent PM from me to one of the members.

Recent events on a number of posts has led me to post it as a sticky to provide guidance for all on my views.

You can download the relevant digital copy for sections of squadron ORBs for 3.50 each from the TNA web site.

However you will probably find that the information is limited.

The publications that are being quoted in requests for information are as a result of individual authors collating, checking and obtaining details from diverse public and private sources.

To publish their work requires that they obtain copyright release from all these myriad of sources, some a simple letter and some a payment or deed of acknowedgement of source.

This is a condition of publication that they cannot circumvent as legitimate authors. The format of how they wish to present their information is the copyright of the individual authors and their publishing house and go to make up the copyright for publication.

All printed works are subject to limitations on 3rd Party transcription into alternative media but most authors allow "fair use" in copying sections as long as the source is quoted and acknowledged.

The authors on this site are relatively free with allowing more to be transcribed than would normally be considered "free use" but there is a point where this gift becomes abused.

Attributing copyright to sites where the information has been stolen and that omit to credit the original source is insulting to the original copyright owner.

Without the original author expending the time and effort there would be no easy, one source for the details, and without the revenue of sales to recompense the costs of this labour and publication, no future easy single source will appear.

Please consider giving the author his 10% of rrp for his toil when you feel that replies to questions amount to more than "fair use".

For more than "fair use" Source, Page number and headlines will be preferred reply rather than transcript.