Dear All,

My name is Michelle Gilham. I am trying to find some information and hopefully a picture for my Grandmother. Her brother died at the end of World War II in October 1944. We think it was October 20th and that he was in India. His name is Alan Tofield. He was born in March in London in 1918 (I think). He had also been in Egypt a year or so before and as far as I know he was a pilot throughout his tours in both countries until his death.

I saw that he had been written about him in a post from a while ago, that frustratingly, I can no longer find.

My grandmother is now 93, still all her faculties with her, she's amazing. But she moved house a while ago and all of her photos of all her children, her brother, everything has disappeared and we have not been able to locate it.

She is very deaf and quite blind these days but still totally able bodied and I really wanted to find something, anything for her for Christmas. I ahve already written to the Medal claim people as we think he may have had a medal that was either never received or given to her Father. Who at best was not a very nice man. (He said do you want the good news or the bad news....I am getting re-married, and your brother is dead. At best, and I meant it.)

If you can tell me anything I will be so grateful. I am so sorry to have rambled on but am having next to no luck and could not believe my eyes when I saw him mentioned in a thread.

Thank you for reading even if you can't help.

My kindest regards

Michelle Gilham