I've been asked to provide the route flown by Bomber Command (preferably, No. 1 Group), to targets in Germany in July 1944, by a former Lancaster pilot. He took digital pictures of the Squadron ORBs, but realised at the time of using them that they were blurred/fuzzy.

I have that kind of details, but for targets in northern France, not for Germany. Unfortunately I received this request a few days after my last visit to Kew.

Could you help, gentlemen ? Any additional will be fully acknowledged.

Keil, 23/24 July 1944 : Appendices : A72, A 654,55 // C72// D -
Stuttgart 24/25 July 1944 : Appendices : A 73// B 56, 57 or 9//C 73// D,20
Stuttgart 25/26 July 1944 : Appendices : A 74// B 58, 59, 60, // C74// D 21
Stuttgart 28/29 July 1944 : Appendices : A 76// B 61// C 75//D 22

The appendices refer to the right hand columns in the form 540s of No. 12 Squadron ORB, but any information from No. 1 Group ORB appendice or from loss cards would help the same way.