I'm doing a little research on a collision of two Tiger Moths based at 28 EFTS Mt Hampden, S Rhodesia on 14 April 1943. Cadet Sergeant Ernest Thomas Rees 524559, aged 27 was fortunately the only fatality; two things intrigue me about Rees. Firstly his service number of 524559 which according to the list on this site was amongst those allocated to civilians in 1925 when Rees, according to my often inaccurate maths was 9 years old. Secondly he was mentioned in despatches at some point, I wonder why or when? Did he have a previous military career (he was considerably older than most pilots under training) and could this be a clue to his service number? Incidentally, the CWGC records inaccurately show his date of death as 14/5/43.....perhaps there are other inaccuracies?