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Thread: Electoral Rolls and Pre-War and Post-War RAF Locations

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    Default Electoral Rolls and Pre-War and Post-War RAF Locations

    I noticed that FindMyPast have made available all England And Wales Electroral Rolls 1832 to 1932 online. These were held by the British Libabry

    However, they are not indexed, so you have to search by location.. However, it could prove useful in future to find where RAF Personnel were stationed during the period. You would need to know constituency in which an airman was based and they would need to be over 21 when the electoral roll was taken. But it should be possible to confirm they were there.

    It got me thinking as it appears Ancestry have indexed SOME electoral rolls (For instance Greater London and Surrey and Midlands) and slowly adding others

    I ran a test.. On my 1934 Baleout list is Flt/Lt Donald Scott Brookes he was involved with a Bulldog collision on May 16th 1934 in which he and the pilot of the other aircraft Sgt James Donald Wakefield Willis both escaped by parachutes aircraft either K1650 Bristol Bulldog Redhill or K1651, collision and K2486. Both were in 3 Sqn based at Kenley (which is in Surrey) Sure enough Donald Scott Brookes turns up on Surrey Electoral roll from 1934 to 1938 (so he was at Kenley between these dates Or at least in Surrey) - I know access to AFL, Flight Global or ORB wuld confirm this for an Officer, but technique should work with NCO's and Airman

    Donald Scott Brooks Surrey Electoral Registers Ancestry 1934 to 1938

    I could not find James Donald Wakefield Willis so easy (due to the number of Willis)

    It would be good test to try say someone based in Hendon and Northolt

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    I have had some luck recently using the rolls on Ancestry to find siblings etc to aid contacting relatives.

    I need to improve my UK geography however.
    Dennis Burke
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