Could I include details of a book I have just written and had published by the History Press - its called I Wish I Had Your Wings and is the story of Operation Pedestal and a Convoy that got to Malta in 1942
It is told through the eyes and papers of one family, John Mejor, the nephew who was a Spitfire Pilot flying from Malta and, David Macfarlane his uncle and the Captain of the SV Melbourne Star who successfully got to Malta but neither knew of each others actions until the convoy got to Malta and they met.

John Mejors daughter read my first book about my grandfather, Barney Barnfather also a Spitfire pilot who flew into Malta and asked me if I would be prepared to write about her Dads story and it was only then that I discovered the wider family story and the convoy.

John Mejor went onto fly with 122 Wing as part of the 2nd TAF in the build up to D Day and his last Operational Flight was over the Beach head on June 6th 1944

It is available from the History Press priced at 20