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Thread: Squadron Leader George William Petre , DFC

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    Default Squadron Leader George William Petre , DFC

    As a historian of the 193 squadron Bellows of Brazil, I would appreciate if you could give some colaboration about George William Petre , DFC. He first fought on the 19th squadron when he was hit by a HE 111 but managed to bail out unhurted. He ended his career in Germany as capitain in 1954.

    Carlos Motta via Anderson Subtil

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    PETRE, George William, A/W/C, DFC (33353, Royal Air Force) - No.59 Operational Training Unit - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 7 September 1945. Public Record Office Air 2/9117, courtesy of Steve Brew, has citation drafted when he had flown 1,366 hours, 1,143 on instructional duties, 104 in previous six months.

    This officer holds the appointment of Wing Commander, Training at his unit in which capacity he has shown outstanding initiative and enthusiasm. He has instilled such a spirit of keenness and responsibility in his instructors that the unit has performed 2,162 hours flying without a single avoidable accident. He combined efficiency with great charm of manner and it is doubtless through this officer’s example that the unit has been so successful.

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