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Thread: Hawker Hurricane Queries

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    Thanks for posting that material. You certainly have put the cat among the canaries as far as the 19th April, 1944, is concerned. I don't have access to the 28 Squadron ORB, but would be interested in hearing what others have to say on the matter.

    Would you consider placing some of your grandfather's photos/log pages on our site? Jagan (Admin), should be able to help you out there.

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    No problem. I am actually going to digitise the whole log book but will take me some time as there are thousands of hours of flying logs in there. I will then attempt to put it online somewhere and I can let you know. Would be keen to get the 28sqn photo uploaded here but I can't see a way of adding it to the thread.

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    28 Squadron ORB appendices has monthly returns of pilots listed from April 44 onwards. - and you are right , there is only one Garratt - R J Garratt, joining the squadron on 28.10.42 - Service Number 136551 . Posted out 14.5.44

    Can you email the images to admin AT rafcommands DOT com ? I can have them uploaded to the website's image hosting system.

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    Default Re: Hawker Hurricane Queries

    Reg HV435

    Quote Originally Posted by Autogiro View Post
    4.1.42 is the date I have according to Air Britain HA-HZ file
    The correct date now is 4.1.43 and it was from No.2 Squadron, as our Database shows.

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    Default Re: Hurricane fates?

    Quote Originally Posted by Autogiro View Post

    Continuing with the Hurricane theme ....
    Information intended for future use in a possible book regarding production histories of Langley Hurricanes so greatly received.
    N2334? N2334 Sgt Pyne, P3812 reported had P/O V D M Roe
    Z2394 HMS Argus (Glover) Malta 6-41 261Sq 185Sq 229Sq SOC FB 14-2-43
    Z3554 HMS Furious (Nordic) 22-6-41 Crashed on landing Malta 27-6-41 Sgt DRO Sherburne safe ME 102MU Abu Sueir 9-7-41 30Sq U and V 9-41 73Sq 134Sq SOC 27-10-44
    BE495 245Sq 28-2-42 abandoned nr Andover 31-7-42 CE 12-8-42.
    BN126 BN359 CE 29-5-42
    HV874 HV874, HW874 both IID both SOC 25 March 1944
    LD102? LD182 damaged before test flight
    HL961 North Africa
    HM133 India
    HV435 India
    HW878 India
    KW707 North Africa
    KX146 North Africa
    KZ190 291 Sqn was at Hutton Cranswick just north of Leeds
    KZ493 Middle East
    LB668 India
    LD379 India
    LD407 India
    LE400 Italy

    Current list of Langley production, ignoring any black out blocks contained within the start/end serials.

    N2318 to N2337
    N2453 to N2502
    N2592 to N2654
    P3400 to P3419
    P3488 to P3578
    P3645 to P3709
    P3775 to P3836
    P3920 to P3984
    R2682 to R2689
    V7236 to V7260
    V7301 to V7343
    V7369 to V7406
    V7432 to V7470
    V7496 to V7542
    V7568 to V7607
    V7649 to V7673
    V7713 to V7737
    V7766 to V7796
    W6667 to Z2313
    Z2320 to Z2338
    Z2382 to Z2406
    Z2451 to Z2488
    Z2514 to Z2665
    Z2691 to Z2750
    Z2791 to Z2815
    Z2882 to Z2896
    Z3032 to Z3270
    Z3431 to Z3598
    Z3770 to Z4018
    BD789 to BD963
    BE150 to BE227
    BE353 to BE560
    BE642 to BE716
    BN105 to BN170
    BN238 to BN380
    BN523 to BN653
    BN759 to BN911
    BN936 to BP239
    BP352 to BP502
    BP629 to HL547
    HL668 to HL828
    HL941 to HM157
    HV425 to HV589
    HV732 to HW188

    HW248 onwards except possibly NL255 the prototype mark V.

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