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Thread: RE Unaccounted Airmen Project - Sgt. Pilot Alexander Hugh McIntosh, 819135 RAF Aux AF

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    Default RE Unaccounted Airmen Project - Sgt. Pilot Alexander Hugh McIntosh, 819135 RAF Aux AF

    I am currently researching the life of a WW2 Pilot by the name of Alexander Hugh McIntosh on behalf of one of his descendants. I have his grave details (Botley, Oxfordshire) but I understand from an old thread on here that Alexander Hugh McIntosh died when flying a Tiger Moth II (T6550) (26 EFTS) when another Tiger Moth hit him on approach and dived into the ground at Theale on 20 June 1945. Would I be correct in thinking that T6550 is the number of his aircraft? I am afraid that I am not very knowledgeable about Aircraft. I would also like to know if it is possible to obtain more information about this incident and who I need to contact in order to obtain a copy of it. I have now learned that the 26 EFTS was the flying school at Theale so did this accident occur during training? Was he an Instructor or a trainee? I have a lot of questions. Any assistance or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I am uncertain that this was a collision but the aircraft certainly was T6550.

    The record I have states that the crew was flying a dual instructional sortie and had been airborne for about 20 minutes and was in the circuit area at Theale. The port wing was seen and heard to fail when the aircraft was at about 1000 feet and the fractured element folded back. McIntosh abandoned the aircraft but his parachute did not deploy and he received fatal injuries. The cause of the structural failure was not determined. The instructor was Flight Lieutenant William Gregson 29 and he also died.

    The information here comes from the RAF Form 1180 and a microfilmed copy can be seen at the RAF Museum Hendon by appointment to visit their Reading Room. The unit's diary and schedule of sorties flown - RAF Forms 540 and 541 are held at the National Archives Kew but I doubt if there is a formal Board of Enquiry report still available.

    I hope this helps but please say if you have any other queries.

    Colin Cummings

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    Julie, Welcome to the Forum
    If nobody comes up with the details then you will probably be able to get the precise location where the accident occurred from his Death Cert (Registered Q2 Wokingham District Vol 2c Page 444) from the GRO.
    If you look on Google Earth at 51.425267 -1.069572 you will see a small business park. That is where, until only a few years ago, the hangar of RAF Theale stood until it was pulled down to make way for the business park. That bit of Station Road between Sheffield Bottom and Theale was re-named Hangar Road at the time. They will almost certainly have some pictures of RAF Theale over on ARG (
    RAF Theale itself no longer exists. It was to the east of Hangar Road in the area now occupied by the Sailing Club water. If you actually want to trace it you will find much of was on gravel which was extracted and used during the building of the M4!!!!
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