Sept-Dec 1931: J9578, K1096, J9569
1932: as above, plus J9583, K1089, K1082, J9582.
That logbook runs out in Sept 1932, and then I'm missing the next one and I can pick up again in Jan 1937 when the first plane he flies is Bulldog K1607. I can carry on if you like!

These are all the Bulldogs he flew altogether (I've been going through the logbooks and making notes of all the numbers of everything he flew, on the offchance I can go and pat the noses of any survivors) - he was in 3 Squadron from September 1931 (passed out of 5 FTS in August) until January 1938, when he moved to CFS as an instructor.

Bristol Bulldog

J9569, J9576, J9578, J9582, J9583, K1082, K1089, K1096, K1607 (photo: poss Jan 1937 ‘formation for new pilot' entry), K1632, K2226, K2872, K3177 (Photo of K1628)

Photos (that are definitely Bulldogs, I am not a plane buff so I only know the ones where I can see numbers or people have told me) linked below - and if anyone is interested and wants to look through the rest of the album, if any of the other people, planes or photos can be IDed I'd absolutely love to know. I've got a 'farewell dinner' menu from when the squadron was in Port Sudan, and all sorts of 'desert' photos that might be there, might be Iraq (he was at Habbaniya in 1941) or might be Zimbabwe, where he went after Iraq.