I couldn't find any reference to this on searching FAQ, so it seems OK to ask here. Apologies if this is a common request with a standard response.

I've just returned from a day at Kew (400 miles away) and have come across something which conflicts with what I found there. If I were still there, I'd be able to check in practically no time, say 10 mins. Is there anyone here who goes often, or is going soon, and who'd be prepared to do this for me? The material there is on a single microfilmed squadron ORB, and the discrepancy is between a bomber crew member's apparent statement to his family, while on leave, of target/date and the list of operations the 540/541 forms show for his crew. The timespan is 3 weeks in May/June 1944, between his arriving at his squadron and being KIA. Full details available, obviously.