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Thread: 1942 Unaccounted Airmen Database Reconciliation

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    Corporal William Kendal MORROW (20106) RAAF 1942-03-14 Australia South Grafton Cemetery


    Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga, NSW : 1911 - 1954) Mon 16 Mar 1942 Page 2 CORPORAL W. K. MORROW

    The death occurred in Wagga yester
    day of Corporal william Kendall Morrow, of the R.AAF, Forest Hill.
    Wagga, at the age of 21 years. Cpl.
    Morrow was a son of Mr. and Mrs.
    Bdwin Morrow, of Ridge-street, South
    Grafton. His body was placed on the
    express train at ' Wagga eariy this
    morning for south Grafton, where the
    funeral will take place to-morrow. The
    funeral arrangements in Wagga were
    carries! cut by Mr. J. C. M'Donald.


    Died: Illness, Wagga Wagga, 14 March 1942

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    Sister Joan CONNELL (103) 1942-05-17 Australia Bendigo Civil Cemetery



    Cause of Death Illness

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    Another Bunch of Australian Deaths

    Aircraftman 1st Class Albert Arnold HARVEY (56040) RAAF 1942-06-09 Australia Burwood General Cemetery

    Cause of Death Injuries (Self inflicted wound) - Sucide Pact with Wife

    Shot Wife, Then Gassed Himself;
    Death Pact Note
    MELBOURNE. - Albert Arnold
    Harvey (31), watchmaker, of
    Neath Street, Surrey Hills, murdered
    his wife, Agnes Sonia Harvey (24), at
    their home yesterday , by shooting her
    with a .22 calibre rifle,,and then com-
    mitted suicide by placing his head
    in a gas. oven.

    In the afternoon mail yesterday
    Mrs. Miriam Page, a next-door neigh-
    bor to the Harvey's, received a letter
    from Mrs. Harvey, stating that shë
    and her husband had agreed on a
    death pact. Mrs. Page went at once
    to the house, and, on finding it locked,
    went to the Surrey Hills police sta-
    I Returning to Harvey's house at
    5.10 p.m.. Constable Vernon forced a
    door and was greeted by a strong
    odor of gas. He found Harvey- with
    his head in the oven, and his wife
    near by with two bullet wounds in her
    body. Both were in the kitchen; and
    had been dead for about four hours.
    Under the rifle there was a note from
    Mrs; Harvey repeating the ^mejMHRge.
    received by Mrs. Page. ?
    . Mrs. Page told police she had seen
    Mrs. Harvey in the yard at her home
    about .noon. A little later she knocked
    at the front door as she wished to
    speak to Mrs. Harvey, but received no
    answer. At the time she had heard
    the wireless playing, and it was still
    playing when Constable Vernon broke
    into the house. V
    Camberwell detectives, under Sen.
    Det. Cook, are inquiring.. Last night
    they could not advance a reason for
    the double fatality.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Francis Charles MOULIN (55827) RAAF 1942-06-09 Australia Adelaide (Centennial Park) Cem

    Cause of Death Illness

    Sergeant Eric HUGGINS (3682) RAAF 1942-06-12 Australia Sydney War Cemetery

    Cause of Death Illness

    Aircraftman 1st Class John Kenneth DEFOREST (41599) RAAF 1942-06-21 Australia Botany General Cemetery

    Died: Illness (Tuberculosis), New South Wales, 21 June 1942,

    Leading Aircraftman Marc Stanley CORNELIUS (29835) RAAF 1942-06-22 Australia Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery

    On 21 June 1942, Leading Aircraftman Cornelius, a Flight Mechanic, was struck by a car outside the Station gate
    in Epsom Road, and other service personnel were injured. He died of his injuries on 22 June 1942.

    Leading Aircraftman Jock Mackenzie HUTCHINSON (49238) RAAF 1942-06-26 Australia Newcastle (Sandgate) General CRef : Presbyterian. Sec. 20ne. Grave 28.
    Aircraftman 1st Class Vincent Thomas WHITE (45541) RAAF 1942-06-26 Australia Sydney Memorial

    Two members of No. 20 Radar Station who drowned while fishing at Nelson’s Bay on 26 June 1942 were:

    Leading Aircraftman Jock Mackenzie Hutchinson (49238) (Radio Operator)
    Aircraftman Class 1 Vincent Thomas White (45541) (Radio Mechanic)

    Leading Aircraftman Ronald Erwood LAPSLEY (12541) RAAF 1942-06-27 Australia Kangaroo Flat Cemetery, Bendig

    Cause of Death Accidental

    The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Mon 29 Jun 1942 Page 3 HEAD-ON COLLISION

    Man Dead; Woman
    YARRAM, Sunday. — Whilst travel
    ling from Yarram to Sale on Satur
    day evening a motor cycle, driven
    by Ronald Lapsley, R.A.A.F., of Sale,
    with Miss Marie Edith Sands, of Sale,
    on the Dillion seat, collided heart on
    with a motor car containing Mr. C.
    Foat, of Woodslde. Lapsley died on
    the roadside, and Miss Sands wes
    admitted to Yarram Hospital with a
    fractured leg, abrasions and shock.

    Leading Aircraftman Herbert Lewis GALE (17341) RAAF 1942-07-05 Australia Adelaide River War Cemetery

    Cause of Death Accidental (Ground Accident)

    On 5 July 1942, Leading Aircraftman Gale, a Mess Steward, was accidentally shot when off duty.
    He was in a party of three spreading out in line 60 yards apart, proceeding to beat through the bush.
    A kangaroo was sighted and all members fired. Gale had advanced ahead of the others and was fatally shot
    while he was obscured from the view of the other members.

    Aircraftman 2nd Class Ronald Thomas STENHOUSE (418887) RAAF 1942-07-10 Australia Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery

    Cause of Death Accidental (Ground Accident) - Actual Accident Unknown

    The Herald (Melbourne, Vic. : 1861 - 1954) Fri 10 Jul 1942 Page 4 Family Notices

    STENHOUSE. — On Jul 10. at Heidelberg Military Hospital n, Ron. dearly loved nephew of Edie and Alan.

    Oceania: Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, Heidelberg

    The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Sat 11 Jul 1942 Page 9 Family Notices

    STENHOUSE.—On July. 10, at Heidelberg
    Military Hospital (result of accident),
    Ronald Thomas .R.A.A.F., dearly beloved
    second son of Thomas and Edith' Stcnhouse.
    of II Ellesmere-strcet. Northcote. beloved
    brother of Mabel, Harold, Joyce and Nor
    man, age 27 years. A beautiful memory
    Is all we have left,

    Corporal Godfrey Eustace MORRIS (12205) RAAF 1942-07-11 Australia Tamworth General Cemetery

    Accidental (Ground Accident) - Drowning

    The Inverell Times (NSW : 1899 - 1954) Mon 13 Jul 1942 Page 2 BIG FLOODS

    Police and a large number of helpers searched all Sunday for the body
    of Corporal G. E. Morris, who is
    feared to have been drowned in flood
    waters at the back of the grandstand
    at Tamworth racecourse on Saturday

    Aircraftman 1st Class Harold William WHATSON (61171) RAAF 1942-07-11 Australia Wagga Wagga General Cemetery

    Cause of Death Accidental (Ground Accident) - bullet wounds accidentally received while on active
    service, followed by pneumonia

    The Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Observer (NSW : 1898 - 1954) Tue 14 Jul 1942 Page 2 News Of Our Soldiers.

    On Friday last, word was received
    by his wife that Harold Whatson.
    RAAF, owing to bullet wounds accidentally received while on active
    service, followed by pneumonia, was
    in a serious condition in a hospital
    in a Southern NSW town, having been
    removed there from his home station.
    His father, who is engaged in war
    work in Sydney, left immediately on
    receiving the news to see his son, as
    also did Mrs. Whatson, junr., from
    Croki. A reply to a telegram sent
    from Wingham on Saturday morning
    stated that his condition was satis
    factory, and that he was leaving hos
    pital at the end of the week. However,
    a further message was received on
    Saturday night ( from his father, to
    the effect that Harold had passed away
    that morning, and the funeral was to
    take place at 2 pan. on Sunday. Harold
    Whatson joined the -RAAF in June,
    1941, and received his training, first
    in South Australia, then Sydney, Mel
    bourne, and Wagga. He was in his
    30th year, and leaves, besides his wife,
    three children.

    Leading Aircraftman Sylvester Claude HOLLOWAY (25824) RAAF 1942-07-17 Australia Uralla Cemetery

    Cause of Death Accidental (Ground Accident) - Road Accident

    Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 - 1954) Mon 20 Jul 1942 Page 2 AIRMAN KILLED.

    Collision With Truck.
    Accident at Three-Mile
    Sylvester Claude Holloway. 86,
    a member of the R.A.A.F.. sta
    tioned at Amberley. was riding
    his bicycle on Friday night to
    his home at Woodford-street,
    One Mile Estate. and when
    crossing the Three-Mile Bridge a
    military truck collided with his
    bicycle throwing him over the
    bridge to the ground below. Be
    was removed to the hospital 2lt.
    Amberley where he died a few
    minutes later. A post-mortem
    examination was held. and
    showed the cause of death as a
    fractured base of the skull. The
    matter is being investigated by
    the police. Holloway was a
    married man, and his parents
    reside at Uralla. New South

    Leading Aircraftman Claude Verchmans KING (14981) RAAF 1942-07-17 Australia Botany General Cemetery

    Cause of Death Accidental (Ground Accident) - Unknown

    Aircraftman 2nd Class Harold Henry LEE-ARCHER (421916) RAAF 1942-07-18 Australia Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery

    Died: Illness, Ascot Vale, 18 July 1942, aged 26 years

    Aircraftman 1st Class Alfred John MUNRO (63263) RAAF 1942-07-21 Australia Botany General Cemetery

    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Windsor, 21 July 1942

    The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thu 23 Jul 1942 Page 10 Family Notices
    MUNRO.—July 21, 1942, at Windsor, the
    result of an accident, Alfred John Munro
    (R.A.A.F.), of 13 Langlce Avenue, Waverley,
    dearly loved husband of Lois Munro and loving
    father of Carole, aged 19 years.

    Aircraftman 1st Class George Joseph BARTSCHI (76184) RAAF 1942-07-22 Australia Rookwood Necropolis, Sydney

    Died: Illness, Sydney, 22 July 1942,

    Flying Officer Ronald Douglas John TREGONNING (401839) RAAF 1942-07-30 Australia Adelaide River War Cemetery

    Died: Flying Battle, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia , 30 July 1942, aged 28 years

    Flying Officer Ronald Douglas John Tregonning 401839 of Number 2 Squadron was killed in an enemy air-raid on Darwin,
    NT - his death is referred to in the book “Highest Traditions - the History of 2 Squadron RAAF”

    Sergeant John Francis O'BRIEN (20000) RAAF 1942-08-01 Australia Macquarie Park Cemetery And Cr

    Died: Illness, Sydney, 1 August 1942

    Aircraftwoman 4th Class Wanda Elizabeth May LAWLESS (90668) 1942-08-03 Australia Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery

    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Melbourne, 3 August 1942,

    Newspapers: Browse The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Tue 4 Aug 1942 Page 3 Two W.A.A.A.F.'s Run Down by Motorist

    Two W.A.A.A.F.'s Run
    Down by Motorist
    As they were crossing the east
    motor track in St. Kilda-road, near
    Toorak-road, last night, two members
    of the W.A.A.A.P, were knocked
    uuwu uj a muiui utu , uie anver oi
    which did not stop, but disappeared
    in the direction of St. Kilda.
    Wanda Lawless, 18 years, was ad
    mitted to Prince Henry's Hospital
    with serious head injuries and a frac
    tured leg. She died at 10.15 p.m.
    Margaret Hayles, of Heylngton-
    place, Toorak, was treated for a
    lacerated leg.

    Leading Aircraftman Charles Malbon IVERSON (50215) RAAF 1942-08-06 Australia Rockhampton War Cemetery

    Died: Illness, Rockhampton, 6 August 1942,

    Leading Aircraftman Campbell Vernon HUNT (29650) RAAF 1942-08-11 Australia Perth (Karrakatta) Crematorium

    Died: Accidental, Mallala, 11 August 1942

    Aircraftman 1st Class Willard Field GARTON (59768) RAAF 1942-08-13 Australia Dunkeld Cemetery
    Died: Illness, Fairfield, 13 August 1942, aged 18 years

    At 2220 hours on 11 August 1942, Leading Aircraftman Hunt, a Fitter IIE, was killed while on duty when he was struck by an aircraft propeller.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Walter Raymond SPENCER (75071) RAAF 1942-08-16 Australia Brisbane General (Toowong) Cem
    Died: Illness, Brisbane, 16 August 1942, age not yet discovered

    Aircraftman 1st Class Daniel Francis EGAN (68743) RAAF 1942-09-01 Australia Field Of Mars Cemetery, Ryde
    Died: Illness, Sydney, 1 September 1942,

    Aircraftman 1st Class John DRAYTON (22791) RAAF 1942-09-02 Australia Rookwood Necropolis, Sydney
    Died: Illness, New South Wales, 2 September 1942,

    Aircraftman 1st Class Albert Ross COOPER (81361) RAAF 1942-09-03 Australia Adelaide (Centennial Park) Cem
    Died: Illness, 101st Australian General Hospital, Northfield, South Australia, 3 September 1942, aged 22 years

    Aircraftman 2nd Class Edwin John MATHISON (426464) RAAF 1942-09-05 Australia Bundaberg General Cemetery
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Bundaberg, 5 September 1942, age not yet discovered

    Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Mon 14 Sep 1942 Page 4 LISMORE MAN KILLED IN LEVEL CROSSING SMASH

    in LEVEL
    A Lismore man, Edward John
    Mathison (18), died in Bundaberg
    Hospital on Saturday, September 5,
    from injuries he received when a
    motor truck and a locomotive col
    lided at Bourbong-street railway
    crossing, Bundaberg, shortly, before
    eight o'clock, that morning.
    . Mathison was one of -three sold
    iers to whom the driver of the truck
    had given a lift. As the truck ap
    proached the crossing the: locomo
    tive moved out from the northern
    side of the street. Although the en
    gine driver immediately applied his
    Drakes and the driver of the truck
    veered to the righ4 the engine struck
    ,the truck in the centre and almost
    split it in two. Mathison was thrown
    under the wheel of the locomotive
    and sustained shocking injuries,
    from which he subsequently dr
    Prior to enlisting at Lismore,
    Mathison was two years at the
    Wagga Agricultural College study
    ing veterinary work and scientific
    agriculture. After enlisting he
    transferred to the transport sec
    tion of- the R.A.A.F. to become
    eligible for entry to an air crew.
    When only 16, his father enlisted
    In the last war ana sustained
    serious eye injuries while serving
    with the 49th Battalion.
    Deceased is survived by his
    parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Mathi
    son, of Chilcott's Grass, Lismore,
    and five sisters and one brother,
    .uiiere was a large attendance at
    tlis funeral, which took placa last
    Monday from the Church of Eng
    land to the Bundaberg general
    cemetery. The coffin was draped
    with the Union Jack, Padre A.
    S Jull officiated at the church
    and graveside. The pallbearers
    were members of the R.A.A.F.

    Warrant Officer John William FARLEY (2778) RAAF 1942-09-06 Australia Springvale Botanical Cemetery,
    Died: Illness, Melbourne, 6 September 1942

    Pilot Officer Graham Brindley John ROBERTSON (412717) RAAF 1942-09-13 Australia Mareeba Old Cemetery
    Died: Accidental, Iron Range, Queensland, Australia, 13 September 1942, age not yet discovered

    Pilot Officer Graham RobertsonPrint Page Print this page

    Plaque commemorates pilot Officer Graham Robertson.

    Nine USAAF B-26 Marauders from the 22nd Bomb Group based at Iron Range flew their first operational mission on Sunday 13 September 1942.
    On return from the mission, B-26 Marauder, #40-1433, "Kansas Comet", of the 19th Squadron, 22nd Bombardment Group,
    crashed short on the air strip at Iron Range due to a blown tire, and ran into a ditch killing the
    Australian co-pilot Pilot Officer Graham Brindley John Robertson (RAAF, 412717).

    se The Riverine Grazier (Hay, NSW : 1873 - 1954) Tue 22 Sep 1942 Page 2 OBITUARY
    Pilot Officer G. B. Robertson
    Killed in Action
    Very deep and sincere regret was
    expressed in Hay on. Saturday, when
    it became known that Pilot Officer
    Graham Brindley Robertson, 28, only
    son of Mr. and Mrs. John S Robert
    son, of Toganmain; had been killed in
    action in the Pacific area.
    Son of one of the district's most,
    highly esteemed faimilies, Graham
    Robertson was educated at The
    King's School, Parramatta. and later
    in England. Afterwards returning to
    Toganmain, he took an active part in
    the management of the station, and
    became a partner in John S. Robert
    son and Son.
    Whilst at school he was a first rate
    Rugby player, tennis player, cricket
    er, and all round sport. He was also
    a thorough gentleman and his high
    spirited, gocd mannered gentlemanly
    qualities and sporting instinct en
    deared him to a wide circle of friends.
    He was married in June 1940, to
    Miss Dorothy McLeod, of Queensland,
    and she and a thirteen months' old
    son live at Toganmain. He also has
    one sister, Miss Rua Robertson.
    Accepted into the R.A.A.F. in June
    1941, he at once commenced his pre
    liminary studies in earnest, taking
    courses both educational and in
    practical flying so that on entering
    the R.A.A.F. his progress was rapid,
    and he was able to pass expeditious
    ly through his training and into an
    operational station. He had been fly
    ing with an American Squadron over
    the Pacific Islands .area from an Aus
    tralian base.
    Pilot Officer Robertson was a mem
    ber of the Waradgery Club and the
    flag there has been flying at half
    mast in memory of the club's first
    casualty in the present conflict. A
    motion of sympathy was passed at
    the meeting of the Graziers' Associa
    tion in Hay on Saturday, and in the
    Hay Presbyterian Church on Sunday,
    the minister, the Rev. H. D. .Mackie,
    made appreciative references to the
    life of Pilot Officer Robertson, and
    expressed the sympathy felt on all
    sides for the bereaved wife, parents
    and family.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Geoffrey Francis SMITH (47827) RAAF 1942-09-15 3 SoTT Australia Sydney Memorial
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Bondi, 15 September 1942, aged 23 years
    On the 15 September 1942, Aircraftman Class I Smith, an Instrument Repairer, drowned at Bondi and his remains were not able to be recovered.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Ronald William HARRIS (115768) RAAF 1942-09-17 Australia Adelaide (Centennial Park) Cem
    On 16 April 1942, Aircraftman Class I Harris, a Trainee Technician, was admitted to the RAAF
    Wing, Royal Adelaide Hospital, dangerously ill with Cervical spinal fever. He died on 17 September 1942.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Leslie Keith IRELAND (47849) RAAF 1942-09-17 Australia Mount Gambier General Cemetery
    Died: Illness, Beachport, 17 September 1942, aged 34 years

    Aircraftman 1st Class Keith William MACDONALD (49224) RAAF 1942-09-18 Australia Mackay Cemetery
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Mackay, 18 September 1942, age not yet discovered - Road Accident
    Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW : 1914 - 1949) Sat 19 Sep 1942 Page 2 BODY FOUND PINNED UNDER LORRY

    MACKAY. Friday: With his
    chest crushed almost flat, Keith
    W. MacDonald (25) was found
    at an early hour today pinned
    underneath a heavy lorry, cap.
    sized on the Nebo Road.
    It crashed on to a tent occupied
    by J. T. Brehnan, his wife and
    young baby. The parents had a mir
    aculous escape, being only slightly
    hurt, and the baby was injured.
    After .the smash a man was seen
    near . the truck, but he disappeared
    shortly afterwards. Both he and
    the dead man were members ,of the
    Australian services. They were visiting Mackay on leave.
    j. The truck was taken without the
    (permission of the. man in charge

    Leading Aircraftman Norman Isaac COCK (41741) RAAF 1942-09-24 Australia Toowoomba Cemetery
    Died: Illness, Toowoomba, 24 September 1942

    Aircraftman 1st Class Robert John Kitchener BOYS (56881) RAAF 1942-09-30 Australia Swan Hill Public Cemetery
    Died: Illness, Laverton, 30 September 1942

    Aircraftwoman 4th Class Phyllis Pearl WILLIAMS (95103) 1942-10-02 Australia Box Hill General CemeteryRef : C. of E. Plot. Sec. 17. Grave 21.
    Died: Illness, Ascot Vale, 2 October 1942

    Corporal Royce Charlton SHADDOCK (39793) RAAF 1942-10-16 Australia Adelaide River War CemeteryRef : R.B.10.
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia , 16 October 1942, aged 29 years

    While conducting a routine service on a tractor on 15 October 1942, at 1545 hours Corporal Shaddock received fatal burns when an electrical short ignited a nearby petrol container. He died at about 0200 hours on 16 October 1942 at No. 1 Medical Receiving Station.

    Sergeant John Ottwell Rowse WORRALL (416054) RAAF 1942-10-21 Australia Moonta CemeteryRef : South Plot. Row E East. Grave 20. (GRM/5).
    On 17 October 1942, Sergeant Worrall, an Observer, was admitted to RAAF Wing, Royal Adelaide hospital, seriously ill with Lymphosarcoma. He died of his illness on 21 October 1942.

    Leading Aircraftman William Perryman HARTNELL (45752) RAAF 1942-11-07 Australia Perth (Karrakatta) General CemRef : Wesleyan Plot. Row CA. Grave 320. (GRM/6).
    5/11/42 THURSDAY No. 45752 LAC. Hartnell, W.P., found in his bed at 0230 with .22 bullet through the forehead. Taken to Station Sick Quarters and name placed on danger list. Air Board and next of kin notified. Wound thought to be self-inflicted.
    6/11/42 FRIDAY: Undated suicide note left by LAC. Hartnell discovered in locker. Court of Inquiry convened.
    7/11/42 SATURDAY: Mrs. Coughlan, sister of LAC Hartnell, arrived at this Unit to visit LAC. Hartnell. No. 45752, LAC. Hartnell, W.P. died from injuries at 1325 hours. Arrangements completed to have remains sent to Perth, at request of mother. Service funeral to be conducted. Court of Inquiry convened.
    No. 4 Service Flying Training School Operations Record Book A50 Entries

    Leading Aircraftman Ernest Arthur CLOUGH (63185) RAAF 1942-11-10 Australia Rookwood Necropolis, Sydney
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Cootamundra, 10 November 1942, aged 29 years
    Cootamundra Herald (NSW : 1877 - 1954) Fri 13 Nov 1942 Page 3 FATAL ACCIDENT AT AN AIR FORCE STATION
    By a Temporary Guard
    Emest Arthur Clough, aged 29, Irom
    Lismore, died at a N.S.W. Air Force,
    Station on 10th November, as the re
    sult of a revolver shot wound acci
    dentally Inflicted on him by a, guard,
    as revealed at the inquest conducted
    William Llewellyn Randall, pilot
    officer, deposed to Interviewing
    Clough In hospital, who said, 'Nelson
    had the revolver, and I walked out
    . with him to talk to him. He took his
    revolver out and said, 'Stand back, or
    _ I'll shoot.' Then It went bang, and he
    said, 'Gee ! I'm sorry I' I put my
    hands on my belly, and doubled up,
    and said, 'Send for a doctor.' Nelson;
    said he thought he had taken all the
    bullets out. Witness wrote his words ;
    down on a piece of paper, and Clough
    slgned itln witness's presence.
    Ernest Arthur Clough, sen, englne
    driver, Five Dock, father of deceased,
    said thfe latter was married, with one
    child aged 3. His life was insured,
    and he left a will.
    Last saw him in
    Sydney .three weeks ago, when he
    came to Sydney and took his wife
    back with him. He had always enjoy
    ed good health,
    Dr, S. W-. Dobell-Brown deposed to
    examining deceased, 'Who had a bullet
    wound through the abdomen. An op
    eration was performed. There were
    perforating Injuries to the intestines,
    * with haemorrhage. .Death was due to
    Verle Roderick McGregor, guard,
    deposed to seeing Nelson and Clough .
    standing by the entrance gates. Nel-
    son had something In his hand. He
    thought lt was a revolver. Clough was standing
    about five feet away.
    from Nelson, and witness was 10 to 12
    feet away from Clough. Both were
    talking but he could not hear what
    either said. He then saw the flash of
    an explosion, and Clough doubled up;
    with his hands to his stomach. Nel
    son dropped the revolver, ran into the
    station, and said, 'Ring the doctor, I
    have shot Arthur.' There had been
    no sign of a struggle between the
    two, who were acting in a normal
    manner, and appeared to be on
    friendly terms. Witness picked up the
    revolver, and looked at the chamber,
    in which there was only one empty
    shell. Nelson handed him ihe webbing
    and holster for the revolver.
    Stanley Edward Jacob Nelson, aged
    21, stated that he had been tempor
    ary guard since July, issued with a
    .303 rifle and bayonet. He had been
    instructed to handle and use them.
    Was in the army eight months prior
    to Joining the Air Force. The rifle
    and bayonet had been withdrawn, and
    he was issued with a .38 calibre re
    volver for use on guard duty. It
    was the first occasion he had handled
    a revolver. First it was Issued with
    out ammunition. Then he was in
    structed to handle It to get used to
    It. On the night in question he was
    issued with four rounds. When
    changing guards the revolver was
    handed from one guard to the other;
    and on each occasion he examined it
    to see that the ammunition was in
    the correct position. He was Instruct
    ed to have the chamber underneath
    the hammer empty, and the one under
    the right of it empty also, so that
    there would be one turn of the cham
    ber before a bullet was fired. On
    Sunday, 8th November, he went on
    guard at 6 p.m., took the revolver
    from the other guard, Checked it, and
    it contained four rounds.. At. 8 he
    switched the big. lights on at the en
    trance gates, but not on the guard
    box, as the moths were troublesome.
    Before it was dark Ken Walsh was
    going out , and witness pulled the re
    volvier out of ; the holster, and; pointing
    ing it at. hlm,said, in.a joke, ''Stick
    'em -upl' Later he did the same to;
    a man named Smith, who laughed,;
    and walked on. On both those occasions
    the revolver contained four
    rounds. Later he opened the chamb
    er, and the ammunition went
    on to his hand; and he was swinging
    the revolver round on his finger. No
    one was passing the gate at. that
    time. He was on his own. During
    the night deceased Clough, as guard
    commandant, was backwards and, for-
    wards several times. About 9 p.m.
    witness was standing on the step of
    the guard box, twirling the evolver
    around on his finger. Clough came
    out of the guard room, and when six
    feet away witness tried to stop
    twlrllng the revolver, and said to him,
    'Stick' 'em up ! There 'was an ex
    plosion, and the bullet from 'he re
    volver hit Clough, who doubled up,
    and said, 'Call the hospital, Snow,
    qulck'! Witness dropped the re
    volver rushed into the guard room;
    and telephoned the station hospital,
    and got assistance. Clough stagger-,
    ed into the guard room, and was as
    sisted on to the bed by other mem
    bers of the Air Force. Witness as
    sisted to remove Clough's boots and.
    was then going to the 'hospital when
    he met the flight sergeant coming,
    with the first aid kit. When he was,
    twirling the revolver around. his fing
    ers he thought all the chambers were
    empty. He was very friendly with
    Clough, and on very good terms with
    him. Had no altercation with him
    that night or on any other occasion.
    'I am very sorry that the accident
    happened, and; can now see how
    foolish I have been added witness.
    it Is possible that when I was
    twirling the revolver, my finger came
    in contact with the trigger and,
    caused the explosion.'
    The coroner found that "deceased
    died from the effects of a revolver
    shot wound accidentally inflicted on
    him by Stanley Edward George Nel
    son, on 8th November.'
    I ?

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    Flight Sergeant Austin Herbert Dickson GARDINER (406561) RAAF 1942-11-23 Australia Townsville War CemeteryRef : A.B.16.
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Townsville, 23 November 1942, age not yet discovered - DROWNED
    On 23 November 1942, Flight Sergeant Gardiner, a Pilot, drowned when swimming in the Townsville baths.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Francis James BURKE (118157) RAAF 1942-11-24 Australia Sydney War CemeteryRef : A. C. 1.
    Died: Killed in Service, Richmond, 24 November 1942, aged 26 years. -- Unknown Accident
    The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Mon 30 Nov 1942 Page 6 Family Notices

    BURKE. —On November 24 (result of an accident). Francis James (Frank), RAAF.
    beloved son of James T. and Ethel Burke, 23a Roper street, and brother of Jack (AMP) Aged 27 years.

    Sergeant Harold Albert GILL (23037) RAAF 1942-11-24 Australia North Rockhampton CemeteryRef : Methodist Plot. Compt. 11. Sec. 5. Grave 638.
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Rockhampton, 24 November 1942, -- Unknown Accident

    Sergeant William Kenneth READ (656769) Pilot RAF 1942-11-25 54 Sqdn AIR27 Australia Sydney War Cemetery Ref : A. C. 3.
    54 Sqn ORB says he died when his Spitfire aircraft developed a glycol leak (serial not listed, prob Spitfire Mk.Vc) and while attempting to force land 15 Miles from
    RAAF Richmond and it burst into flames and when he bailed out too low.

    Corporal Thomas Walter SMITH (25736) RAAF 1942-11-26 Australia Townsville War CemeteryRef : A.C.4.
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Townsville, 26 November 1942,
    Service Record shows he received gun shot wounds while in execution of his duties, while driving a tender when he
    probably did not hear a guards verbal challenge and was shot. The guard was unware that driving of the tender was authorised a the Sgt in charge
    did not notify guard that the tenders were to be moved

    Warrant Officer William Campbell MACDONALD (3234) RAAF 1942-11-27 Australia Sydney War CemeteryRef : A. C. 5.
    Died: Illness, Sydney, 27 November 1942,

    Squadron Leader John Richard BARNLEY (39647) RAF 1942-11-30 34 Sqdn RAAF AIR27 Australia Sydney War CemeteryRef : 2Z. D. 7.
    POW 1942 Hiroshima PoW camp Japan World War 2
    John Richard Barnley was the son of Richard Wynne Barnley and Beatrice Barnley of Nunthorpe.
    Richard Wynne Barnley, solicitor, married Beatrice E Ridley in 1914 in Middlesbrough. They had 2 sons, George Ridley Barnley born 1915 in Middlesbrough and John Richard Barnley born 1918 in Middlesbrough. In 1924 Richard Wynne Barnley leased Tanton Hall for 7 years from James Pennyman, and later moved to Sunny Cross, Nunthorpe..

    John Richard Barnley joined the RAF and became Squadron Leader No. 39647, Kluang Unit, 34 Squadron. This squadron flew Blenheim I's to Singapore in the autumn of 1939. We learn a little about his life there from the
    "At Kluang we were billeted under canvas with the Australians (19th & 29th Battalions ) on the perimeter of Kluang Aerodrome . Food was very good with plenty of meat, butter , bread and cheese. The section’s job was to repair and keep in operation the overhead lines between Kluang and Mersing . There were only two Blenheim bombers stationed on the airfield"
    However, during the Japanese invasion, the Japanese were reported to have re-located their forward base from Kuala Lumpur to Kluang on 23 Jan 1942 and used the airbase for flying their planes over Singapore during the fighting withdrawal for the allied forces. No.34 shared the fate of every Allied squadron in the areas attacked by the Japanese at the start of 1942 - heavy loses followed by a forced retreat, in this case to Sumatra, then Java. By the end of February the squadron had ceased to exist as a fighting unit, and the surviving ground crew were evacuated to India. (
    John himself was reported as missing and his parents placed the following item in the press on 1st August 1942:
    Missing: Squadron Leader J R Barnley last heard of in Batavia February 21st. Any information gratefully received by his parents Mr and Mrs R.W. Barnley, Sunny Cross, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, Yorks.
    This was followed by a further item in September 1943, after they had learned of the fate of their son:
    BARNLEY – Previously reported missing now known to have died while a prisoner in Japanese hands. Sqdr Ldr J.R. Barnley, younger son of Mr and Mrs R.W.Barnley of Sunny Cross, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough, Yorks.

    The website gives information on prisoners of war held by the Japanese, and includes these details of John’s death:
    John Richard Barnley died at Ohama POW camp of bronchial catarrh and external haemorrhoids. Arrived at the camp on 27th Nov 1942 having travelled on the vessel Singapore Maru. Many prisoners died of dysentery en route or shortly after arriving at Fukuoka. (another site concerned with the war in the Far East) gives an account of the appalling conditions suffered on board this ship. Readers may be interested to delve into it in order to see how the prisoners suffered, but it is to be hoped that John’s parents remained unaware of the details…

    Squadron Leader John Barnley’s death is recorded as occurring on 30th November 1942 when he was aged 25. He is buried in plot 2Z. D.7 of the Sydney War Cemetery
    The administration of John’s estate was granted to his father who at that time was described as a bee keeper. Effects £1060 11s 1d.

    John’s brother, George, also served during WW2 and was mentioned in the London Gazette when he was promoted from Cadet to 2nd Lieutenant in July 1942. He apparently progressed to the rank of Colonel and received an OBE in 1956.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Leslie Harold COOPER (1290691) RAF 1942-12-09 242 Sqdn AIR27 Australia Sydney War CemeteryRef : 2Z. D. 11.
    Note: Singapore Maru arrived 42.11.27
    POW Leslie Harold Cooper — 1942 Nippon — World War 2
    Cooper, Leslie Harold,AC1c,1290691,RAF 242 Sqn,42.12.09,Catarrh of colon

    Sergeant Harry James FLINT (11838) RAAF 1942-12-11 Australia Rockhampton War CemeteryRef : Plot A. Row A. Grave 1.*.
    Died: Accidental, Rockhampton, 11 December 1942
    Aircraft Accident: Tiger Moth A17-482
    The Newcastle Sun (NSW : 1918 - 1954) Sat 12 Dec 1942 Page 1 Two RAAF Men Die In Accidents
    Sergeant Flint crashed in a Tiger Moth at Rockhampton.
    "On 11/12/42 crashed on takeoff at Rockhampton QLD, pilot Sgt H.J.Flint #11838.
    Aircraft immediately burst into flames with pilot dying an hour latter in Rockhampton General Hospital."

    Aircraftman 1st Class Edmond Vincent O'CONNOR (75872) RAAF 1942-12-13 Australia Gatton CemeteryRef : R.C. Plot. Grave 1036.
    Cause of Death: DROWNING

    Queensland Times (Ipswich, Qld. : 1909 - 1954) Tue 15 Dec 1942 Page 2 GATTON AIRMAN'S DEATH

    Drowning Accident at Mackay
    MACKAY. Dec. 13.-Edwin
    Vincent O'Connor. wireless op
    erator in the RA.A.F.. who was
    spending leave at Mackay, was
    drowned in Enlmeo Creek thbls
    afternoon. He was with a party
    which was being taken across the
    creek in a canoe.
    After swimming, he and others
    endeavoured to walk across the
    creek and went into a hole. His
    body later was recovered.
    Miss laHrlan Hurley. who was
    a member of the party, was
    washed down the creek by the
    current. She was rescued by Miss
    Joan McGarry. who bravely en
    tered the writer, caught Miss Hur
    cley, and kept her afloat while
    being washed down 250 yards by
    the tide. They were taken from
    the water by a youth in a canoe.
    GATTON, December 14.-The
    sad news was received at Gatton
    this morning that Wireless Op
    erator Edwin O'Connor. of the
    R.A.A.F., was accidentally
    drowned in North Queensland
    yesterdayv. He was 24 years of
    age. and was the eldest son of
    Mlr. T. O'Connor and the late
    Mrs. O'Connor. His brother. Pte.
    T. O'Connor. is serving with the
    military forces in New Guinea.
    Prior to enlisting in the
    R.A.A.F.. the late Edwin
    O'Connor was in the taxa
    tion branch of the Queensland
    Public Service. He had a bril
    liant scholastic career. having
    been educated at Nudgee College.
    He was popular with all sections
    of the community.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Sydney Gordon Bert SLATER (39345) RAAF 1942-12-16 Australia Adelaide (Centennial Park) CemRef : Plot B. Row A. Grave 2.
    On 15 December 1942, Aircraftman Class I Slater, a Motor Cyclist, collided with a tramcar while riding his own motor cycle when proceeding on pre-embarkation leave.

    Leading Aircraftman George Edward MARSHALL (21968) RAAF 1942-12-19 Australia Townsville War CemeteryRef : A.C.7.
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Townsville, 19 December 1942 - Motor Accident 15th Dec 1942,
    Newspapers: Browse Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1907 - 1954) Tue 22 Dec 1942 Page 2 The Townsville Sails Bulletin TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1942
    At 7.5 p.m. on Saturday night, L.A.C.
    George Edward Marshall, of the
    RJLA.F., passed away at the General
    Hospital, as the result of injuries
    from a collision with a motor truck
    earlier in tha week. On Tuesday last,
    1.46 p.m., Marshall was proceeding
    along Church Street towards Mundlng
    burra. When at the Church and Flin
    ders Street intersection, Marshall col
    lided with a motor waggon. He was
    conveyed to a hospital.

    Corporal David DRYSDALE (4167) RAAF 1942-12-24 Australia Perth War Cemetery And AnnexRef : G.B.1.
    On the 23 December 1942, Corporal Drysdale, a Messman, was riding his bike going home after duty and was injured in a collision with a motor vehicle in Cambridge Street, Leederville. He was admitted to Hollywood Hospital and died on the 24 June 1942.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Ronald William McNAUGHTON (59965) RAAF 1942-12-24 Australia Coburg Pine Ridge CemeteryRef : C. of E. Plot. Compt. H. Grave 334.
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Kingsville, Victoria, Australia, 24 December 1942,
    Fatal Truck Accident
    Examiner (Launceston, Tas. : 1900 - 1954) Sat 26 Dec 1942 Page 4 Fatal Truck Mishap
    Fatal Truck Mishap
    IMELBOURNE, Friday. - An airman
    was killed and another was seriously
    injured when the utility truck In which
    they were driving collided with a mar
    ket gardener's truck on the Geelong
    road, near Kingsville. on Thursday. Six
    other airmen and the driver of the
    truck escaped injury.
    A.C.1 Ronald William McNaugh
    ton suffered severe head Injuries and
    died before arrival at an air force
    hospital, while A.C.1 Hartley Ewen
    Grant, suffering fractures of the skull
    and left leg, was admitted to an.
    other military hospital in a critical
    Crashed through Window
    When a car swerved off the road
    way and crashed through a chemist's
    window in Gardenvale on Thursday
    night, Alfred Lowe Wilson (27), engi
    neer, of Kew, driver of the car, was
    killed instantly, and Margaret Ann
    Clavarino, aged 10, of Gardenvale, who
    was standing on the footpath when
    the car crashed, died within a few

    Leading Aircraftman Beaumont Ray GOODING (415730) RAAF 1942-12-27 Australia Springvale War Cemetery, MelboRef : 1.S.D.8.
    On 25 December 1942, Leading Aircraftman Gooding, a Trainee Pilot, dived into a swimming pool near Benalla during a stand down period, and was seriously injured suffering a fractured spine. He died of his injuries on the 27 December 1942 at No 6 RAAF Hospital.

    Leading Aircraftman Eric John MATTHEWS (53931) RAAF 1942-12-29 Australia Deniliquin War CemeteryRef : Plot D. Row A. Grave 6.
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Finley, 29 December 1942, age not yet discovered
    The Riverine Grazier (Hay, NSW : 1873 - 1954) Fri 8 Jan 1943 Page 1 Doings in Different Districts
    Motor Bike Accident
    At Finley, L'A-C. Eric jr Mat
    thews, a well known garage proprie
    tor, was killed when a motor bicycle
    he was riding collided with a motor
    truck in a street of that town-

    Leading Aircraftman Keith Stillwell WILSON (52169) RAAF 1942-12-29 Australia Deniliquin War CemeteryRef : Plot D. Row A. Grave 7.
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Deniliquin, 29 December 1942
    The Riverine Grazier (Hay, NSW : 1873 - 1954) Fri 8 Jan 1943 Page 1 Doings in Different Districts
    Motor Car Accident

    When a motor car struck a tree
    On the Cemetery Road, Deniliqufn,
    yet another airman, A.C.I Keith
    Stillwell Wilson, was fatally injured.
    The driver of the car, Cpl. A- V. Del
    ves. had an arm broken and sus
    tained other injuries- Wilson and
    Delves had left the air station after
    10 p-in. to drivd into Deniliqui

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    Unaccounted RAAF in PNG

    Corporal Reginald Clement SMALPAGE (17462) RAAF 1942-02-04 Papua New Guinea Rabaul Memorial
    Died: Prisoner of War, New Britain, 4 February 1942, Aged 41 Years
    From a series of evacuations from the Rabaul area, there were now only three members of No. 24 Squadron about whose safety there was doubt. Warrant Officer Kelly (882), a service photographer, was in hospital at the time of the withdrawal and was too ill to be moved. He remained behind and, with other patients and the gallant members of the hospital staff who stayed to care for them, was taken prisoner. Flying Officer Lempriere (1), the Squadron’s Intelligence Officer, had risked being left behind to ensure that the signals office and its contents were destroyed. He reached Put Put after the main party had left and was captured some time later off Gasmata while trying to escape in a launch. The third man who had not escaped was Corporal Smalpage, a signaller who voluntarily returned from the Warangoi River to endeavour to find a box of secret documents believed to have been left behind. He was not reported again and was later listed as missing.

    (1) Flying Officer Geoffrey Raoul Lempriere (262789) PoW: Discharged from the RAAF on 22 February 1946.

    Extract from Gillison, D.N. (Douglas Napier) (254475) Royal Australian Air Force 1939-1942, Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1962 – Page 362 (This extract refers to events that occurred in the Rabaul area during late January and early February 1942).

    On 22 January 1942, Corporal Smalpage a Wireless Telegraph Operator, was NCO in Charge Signals at Rabaul Air Operational Base, New Britain, engaged in the evacuation of Rabaul before the occupation of Rabaul by enemy forces.

    On 6 May 1942, Leading Aircraftman Frederick Mervyn Stean (33478) reported that “Corporal Smalpage got out with a RAAF evacuation party and was with us for the first 20 miles of our overland trek. Here we called a halt and found that some very secret documents had been left behind at our last stopping place about three miles back. As he was in charge of Signals, Smalpage went back to recover those papers while we waited. He had only six miles to go but he did not return. There were no Japanese about in the district at the time and his disappearance was a mystery to us.”

    In 1946 Flying Officer Lempriere reported that “while trying to get out of Rabaul before he was captured, he met Smalpage and endeavoured to persuade him to accompany him. This Smalpage did but only as far as Toll where he remained, as he had sustained a sprained ankle, and Lempriere did not see him again.”

    The Japanese landed at Toll, New Britain, on 3 February 1942. No one escaped from Toll after the Japanese had landed, and with the exception of five Australian soldier survivors. All the Australians there were killed by the Japanese on the 4 February 1942. One hundred and forty seven bodies were recovered from the massacre at Toll, but only eleven of those could be identified, and Smalpage was not among those eleven. As Corporal Smalpage had become separated from his RAAF party of which he was a member, and had joined a party of Australian Military personnel, there is no official record of his presence at Toll, but it was considered that the evidence of Flying Officer Lempriere established this beyond doubt. It was presumed that Corporal Smalpage had lost his life on 4 February 1942.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Henry Charles Malcolm BOWER (37472) RAAF 1942-02-24 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby (Bomana) War Ceme
    Died: Air Raid: Assault on New Guinea, Seven Mile Airfield, Port Moresby PNG, 24 February 1942, Aged 26 Years
    About midday on the 24th, 10 enemy bombers made the first daylight attack on the Port Moresby base. Bombing from about 16,000 feet they blasted the No. 32 Squadron’s camp area, wrecked all the buildings on the aerodrome, destroyed motor transport at that time irreplaceable, and a Hudson and a civil aeroplane parked on the aerodrome. An airman, Leading Aircraftman Bower of No. 32 Squadron, was killed and Squadron Leader Hoddinott (1) was wounded.

    Warrant Officer Neale Eustace EVANS (2281) RAAF 1942-03-20 Papua New Guinea Rabaul Memorial
    Died: Illness, New Ireland, 20 March 1942, age not yet discovered

    Flying Officer Ally Cecil Clifton DAVIES (406124) RAAF 1942-04-13 Papua New Guinea Lae Memorial
    Died: Air Operations: (No. 75 Squadron Kittyhawk aircraft A29-15), New Guinea, 13 April 1942, Aged 21 Years

    Pilot Officer Oswald John CHANNON (411286) RAAF 1942-04-24 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby (Bomana) War Ceme
    Died: Air Operations (No. 75 Squadron Kittyhawk aircraft A29-43), Port Moresby, 24 April 1942, Aged 24 Years

    Sergeant David Stuart BROWN (401489) RAAF 1942-05-26 Papua New Guinea Rabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemeter
    Died: Prisoner of War, New Guinea, 26 May 1942

    Warrant Officer James Fitzgerald KELLY (882) RAAF 1942-07-01 Papua New Guinea Rabaul Memorial
    Died: Died at sea (Montevideo Maru), South China Sea, 1 July 1942, aged 37 years

    Corporal Arthur James O'CONNOR (40328) RAAF 1942-07-25 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby (Bomana) War Ceme
    Died: Accidental (Ground Accident), Port Moresby, 25 July 1942,

    Flight Sergeant Frederick Wentworth EARP (403325) RAAF 1942-08-07 Papua New Guinea Rabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemeter
    Died: Flying Battle, New Britain, 7 August 1942,
    Flying Fortress B-17E-BO 41-2429
    On August 7, 1942 took off from 7-Mile Drome near Port Moresby on a bombing mission against Vunakanau Airfield near Rabaul. This aircraft was deemed to have weak engines and had aborted several missions, but could still fly. Pease insisted on flying the aircraft on the mission.
    After dropping their bombs over Vunakanau Airfield, defending A6M2 Zeros concentrated on Pease's aircraft, causing it to descend and knocking out an engine.
    The bomb bay fuel tank was seen to drop out on fire.
    No one observed the plane crash, but it was never seen again.
    When this B-17 failed to return it was declared Missing In Action (MIA).

    Leading Aircraftman Leslie Ernest LOWE (41168) RAAF 1942-08-08 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby (Bomana) War Ceme
    Died: Illness, Port Moresby, 8 August 1942,

    Sergeant William Edwin LOGAN (415158) RAAF 1942-08-17 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby (Bomana) War CemeRef : B1. A. 22.
    Died: Air Raid, Port Moresby, 17 August 1942, Aged 30 Years
    Sergeant Logan was serving with the USAAF on the crew of a Marauder and was killed in the air raid. The Dakota aircraft damaged or destroyed were operated by the USAAF
    t was over this scene (7th Division reinforcements to support the defence of Kokoda) that 24 enemy bombers flew on the morning of 17th August. There had been a complete respite from air attacks since the 77th raid on 1st August. Now it was broken by 150 bombs dropped accurately and in perfect pattern on the Seven Mile aerodrome. With but four minutes’ warning the American fighter pilots did not get off the ground and the enemy formation, despite the anti-aircraft fire, made their attack unscathed. Their bombs demolished the aerodrome control tower and operations hut at the side of the runway, destroyed 5 aircraft and damaged 11 others severely. For the weight of bombs dropped, casualties were comparatively light—one man killed and 13 wounded. A column of dense smoke rising from the burning aircraft was the tell-tale to a lesson expensively learned; the aircraft destroyed and damaged—Marauders and transports—had been parked closely together at one end of the runway, for even the Seven Mile aerodrome was still lacking in revetments. Most serious was the loss of the transports—two Dakotas destroyed and five more so seriously damaged that they had been put out of commission.

    Sergeant William David COWE (401769) RAAF 1942-08-28 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby (Bomana) War CemeRef : B2. C. 2.
    Died: Accidental, New Guinea, 28 August 1942,
    P-4OE-1 A29-109
    "Served with 75 Sqn; initially this was allocated to 77 Sqn; on 25/5/42 it went to 75 Sqn where it was coded 'K' with them (ex ET752); on 28/8/42 at night it was one of 12 a/c flown out to Port Moresby and while preparing to land there crashed killing Sgt William David Cowe (401769)."

    Aircraftman 1st Class Allen Robert DOWTON (64948) RAAF 1942-09-08 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby (Bomana) War CemeRef : A2. C. 14.
    Died: Ground Battle, New Guinea, 8 September 1942,
    No. 75 Squadron. Service Record: Died of wounds received during enemy actiom at Fall River on 8/9/42

    Aircraftman 1st Class Leonard George ROSE (52228) RAAF 1942-09-08 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby (Bomana) War Ceme
    Died: Ground Battle, New Guinea, 8 September 1942,
    No. 75 Squadron. Service Record: Died of wounds received during enemy actiom at Fall River on 8/9/42

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    Sergeant Edmund Mcarthur HYDE (400802) RAAF 1942-02-10 Egypt Fayid War Cemetery
    Died: Accidental, Egypt, 10 February 1942,
    Service File: Killed aircraft accident on active service from Middle Eat
    RAF Middle East. Kittyhawk AK794
    No 1 ADU. Ferrying aircarft and crashed shortly after takeoff


    Sergeant John Brian HOBSON (1060473) Pilot Kittyhawk II AK794 RAF 1942-02-13 Egypt Alexandria (Hadra) War Memoria

    Corporal Richard Arthur ASHFIELD (19098) RAAF 1942-03-21 Egypt Halfaya Sollum War Cemetery
    Died: Ground Battle, Middle East, 21 March 1942
    Place - Gambut Aerodrome, Libya, Middle East; Date - 21 March 1942

    Pilot Officer Peter Horwood Arthur THOMPSON (400845) RAAF 1942-03-31 Indonesia Ambon War CemeteryRef : 7. B. 3.
    Died: Illness, Timor, 31 March 1942,
    2 Sqn RAAF

    Aircraftman 1st Class James Albert GRAHAM (35933) RAAF 1942-04-02 Indonesia Ambon War CemeteryRef : 7. B. 1.
    Died: Illness, Timor, 2 April 1942,
    S Headquarters Darwin RAAF

    Corporal Roy Ernest ANDREWS (18533) RAAF 1942-04-13 Indonesia Ambon War Cemetery
    Died: Illness, Timor, 13 April 1942
    2 Sqn RAAF
    When the Japanese invaded Timor on 20 February, Corporal Andrews was one of 29 ground staff who volunteered to stay behind to provide radio contact and destroy equipment and stores. Taking to the hills in Timor, the group were confronted by the challenge of evading the Japanese while finding food, and coping with the ravages of malaria, tropical ulcers, and malnutrition.

    Suggest all 3 above died in similar conditions

    Flying Officer Roderick Macmillan HARPER (402442) RAAF 1942-04-23 Italy Catania War Cemetery, Sicily
    Died: Flying Battle, Sicily, 23 April 1942,
    No. 148 Squadron (RAF)
    Wellington MK1C "O". DV573; Place - Over Sicily; Date - 24 April 1942
    Flt Lt A.R.H Harper and his crew perished when their aircraft (DV573) crashed near Vittoria.

    Sergeant Lewis TRUNLEY (403610) RAAF 1942-05-22 United Kingdom Hawkinge Cemetery
    Died: Flying Battle, United Kingdom, 22 May 1942
    No. 64 Squadron (RAF)
    Spitfire Vb BM294
    BM294 Vb CBAF M45 12MU 29-3-42 64S 12-4-42 Damaged by flak on sweep Somme Estuary 17-4-42 CE 22-4-42 FH65
    Place - Dymchurch, Kent, England; Date - 22 May 1942

    Sergeant Mervyn Wilfred MARSHALL (401452) RAAF 1942-11-13 Ghana Christiansborg War Cemetery
    Death Accidental
    Service File:
    128 Sqn West Africa
    Takoradi Defence Flight 28/6/42
    Cable from Ipswich 13/6/42 "Mervyn wounded 7 weeks at sea on way home" - Wounded in Shoulder and now discharged hospital
    Death Unknown Hurricane
    Service File
    13th "Jan" (Sic) should be Nov 1942 - Hurricane aircraft caught fire in flight and although he successfully bailed out, his parachute failed to
    open properly. Technical investigations failed to reveal the cause of the accident

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    Mervyn Wilfred MARSHALL (401452)

    A bit of a mystery - Need to find a Hurricane loss prob Takoradi Defence Flight 13-Nov-42

    MARSHALL, Mervyn Wilfred (Sergeant) 401452

    Hurricane XXX

    Ghana, West Africa


    RAF Takoradi, West Africa (records show member was part of 234SQN, however, that unit never left the UK) (128SQN - member not mentioned in unit ORB downloaded from TNA) (cause of death from AWM pdf (234SQN) - other details available)

    (AWM photos x 2 - a Commonwealth War Graves headstone marks the grave of 401452 Sergeant (Sgt) Mervyn Wilfred Marshall of Malvern, Vic, at the Christianborg War Cemetery, Accra, Ghana. Enlisting in the RAAF as part of the Empire Air Training Scheme in February 1941, Sgt Marshall flew Spitfire fighters with 234 Squadron, RAF. Sgt Marshall was killed whilst on a patrol over the Gold Coast of West Africa on 13 November 1942, age 22) (A/C number not on AWM pdf or NAA)

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    Paul, thanks for that marathon effort of yours in clearing out the Aussie War Dead... and a few more that i added, we are below 2000 for 1942

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    Some avenues to explore:

    Unaccounted Pilots 69

    Unaccounted Observers : 11

    All unaccounted in Singapore :150 (126 in first three months! all due to Japanese invasion)

    USA Unaccounted : 68 (BFTS casualties almost all)

    Malta Unaccounted: 55 (Air raids?)

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    Leading Aircraftman George William HOLT (1017442)

    F008 GEORGE WILLIAM HOLT. Leading Aircraftman 1017442, Royal Air Force (VR. Born 1911 to Joseph and Ethel Holt, of Eccleshill, Bradford. The husband of Dorothy May Holt, of Morecombe, Lancashire. Died as the result of a daylight bombing from JU88s over Ta-Qali 10 August 1942 aged 31 years.
    Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945

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