As the bushfire risk to suburban Canberra at long last eased this week, felt moved to make another small update to my 211 Squadron RAF website.

Details are, as usual, shown here:
While major site additions came to a natural close with the 70th and 75th Anniversary updates of March and April 2016, smaller revisions like this continue, on 31 July each year or more immediately as needed.

I also closed the site for correspondence in 2016, however, this page may help any new readers:
These pages may also be of general help
Given the nature of the RAF Commands board (which looks set to be the last of the really useful, collaborative and determinedly civil RAF discussion boards), I think I ought to explain myself a little further.

After nearly 25 years research and 19 years on line, all for a single RAF Squadron, it was past time to step back. I'm getting old and there are still bikes to ride, photos to take, bush to walk and health to manage.
My website as it stands covers all the material and sources available to me about the Squadron and ought, I hope, to provide some information for most queries, without re-opening correspondence for enquiries.

That said, by re-activating a long abandoned RAF Commands user account, I thought to be still able to help a little from time to time, with some other board topics, if only at the rate and with the privacy that suits me.
I should add that I'm really deeply reluctant to pass on my email address or to have it passed on and I'm not keen on off-board discussions.

If I can contribute within these limits, I'll do my best to do so and hope that these rather long-winded remarks read constructively, which is my intent.

Don Clark