Hi all,

Hopefully I am posting in the right place and hopefully someone here can help. I am trying to do some research on my grandfather’s (Peter London, No. 1394519) service during the Second World War. I have obtained his records from the RAF but, in addition to giving me a lot of information, it has left me with a lot of questions.

I have attached a picture of the part of the record that shows his movements. If I have understood this right he went to the Initial Training Wing (Blackpool) and 3 Elementary Flying Training School. After this is an entry for “TRNSFERD M of P. Victoria M of P” and I have no idea what that is.

He was then at 4 Bomber and Gunnery School in Canada until he returned to RAF Eastchurch in July 1943. Then he trained at 1 School of Photography for 3 months. After that he goes to RAF Elsham Woods, until he transfers into the Army (Royal Signals) in May 1945 - apparently because he was convinced, wrongly, that he would be demobbed quicker from the Army. My main issue is what his actual service and squadron was at RAF Elsham Wolds. He had been trained at the EFTS and the School of Photography as well as the Bombing and Gunnery School. He is listed at various times as ‘U/T Pilot’, ‘Photo’, ‘ACH’, AND ‘AB U/T’on the ‘Mustering’ and ‘Trade’ parts of the records and his ‘Brief Statement of Service and Certificate of Discharge’ has his discharged signed by a G/Capt from RAF Kirmington. However, none of this tells me a squadron or the actual role he performed.

Based on the limited research I have been able to do I am guessing he was possibly in 166 Squadron as they were based at Kirmington and that he may have been an Air Bomber (or Bomb Aimer) based on the ‘AB’ but I have also read that these were usually commissioned officers.

Can anyone out there help me clear some of this up or point me in the right direction?